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SloanStone Arrowhead ELA-82000 Sink in Matrix Frost

March 08, 2019

Catching up with three recent commercial restroom innovations

In the commercial restroom business, specifications and installations don’t happen overnight. It can take months — even years — before a newly launched innovation finally makes its way into actual restrooms.

We’ve seen the cycle play out with one new product launch after another since Sloan invented the modern flushometer in 1906. That’s why we’re so pleased to see the impact several of our recent introductions are starting to make in commercial restroom designs worldwide.

Let’s revisit some of the innovations we’ve introduced in the last year or so.

Matching faucet/soap dispenser combos

While many of our new technologies appeal most deeply to an engineer’s mentality, our new soap dispensers are designed for architects, designers and maintenance staff as well. Sink-mounted soap dispensers that match our most popular faucet lineshow did we not think of this years ago?

“The architect and designer community was begging for this,” says Product Line Manager Morgan Butts. “We heard them and designed what they wanted.”

Our seven new sensor-activated soap dispensers are designed to pair perfectly with the Optima® and BASYS® faucets you already love for their style, performance and durability. You get a consistent on-deck aesthetic that makes it easier to realize your design vision.

The idea caught on quickly. Butts says, “We’ve seen significant growth month over month since the launch in late 2017, with great feedback on installation and performance.

If you love the concept of matching faucet and soap dispenser, but feel limited by polished chrome, you’re in luck. Some of our dispensers and faucets are now available in special finishes in polished brass, brushed nickel and brushed stainless to create another layer of matching possibilities.

New SloanStone sink models

In 2018 we added three new SloanStone designs to our lineup, giving architects and designers a total of eight SloanStone sink systems that are easy to install and maintain, and perfect for high-traffic environments.

“The response has been very good so far,” says Butts. “Architects and designers like to have attractive options at a good price point. It’s a proven product line, ADA-compliant and IAPMO-certified.

“The new designs were named one of Retofit Magazine’s top products of 2018, which is a wonderful accolade for a new product line.”

She says the new Arrowhead model has been very popular, due to its thin front and modern aesthetic. The new Round Front model, meanwhile, has proven ideal for locations with children because of its lack of sharp corners.

“It’s a new look, more modern but with the same reliability,” says Butts. “That’s what architects and designers are looking for.”

New generation Optima® faucets

Product Line Manager Andrew Warnes says people tell him some remarkable things when they see the new generation of Optima faucets. “They say, ‘It’s something I would have designed myself. This is what I always wanted, but I haven’t seen it until now.’”

We updated the Optima line last year to make the faucets easier to install, easier to service and maintain, and easier to adjust for optimized water management.

Warnes says, “Installers love that we’ve shaved more than 50% off the install time and service time. That’s huge in a facility with hundreds of faucets.”

The new Sloan Connect® app that’s available with Optima faucets “keeps people off their backs & knees,” says Warnes. “Facility managers love the wireless access to the below-deck controls—they can get in and get out without closing the restroom to the public, and that’s a big bugbear for them.”

Plus, with the app’s wireless diagnostics, “you don’t have to take the deck apart to diagnose a problem. You can be predictive about maintenance rather than putting out fires.

“We worked incredibly hard on the user interface — a lot of time and a lot of testing to make sure it worked intuitively. I love seeing the smile when people get it.”

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