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July 26, 2018

Defy gravity! 13 reasons to specify Sloan pressure-assisted toilets

Sloan invented the modern flushometer in 1906—revolutionizing commercial restroom design in the process—and we’ve been perfecting the technology ever since. For reliable performance and water savings, you can’t beat a Sloan flushometer.

But what if the light commercial facility you own or manage is set up for gravity toilets? Can you still get flushometer performance?

Yes—with Sloan pressure-assisted toilets. You get a Flushmate® vessel supplying the pressure and Sloan’s reputation for durability providing the peace of mind, so you’ll be confident in your toilets’ performance for years to come.

Here are a few reasons Sloan pressure-assisted toilets are ideal for your light commercial application:

  1. You need low flush volumes. Do your community regulations or your company’s sustainability standards call for flush volumes as low as 1 gallon per flush? No worries—Sloan pressure-assisted toilets set a higher standard for lower flush volumes.
  2. You can’t install flushometers. Flushometers have different infrastructure requirements, but Sloan pressure-assisted toilets require no extra infrastructure at all, so you can easily upgrade from your gravity tank toilets. They install exactly the same way and require the same basic water supply pressure (20–25 psi).
  3. You manage a hotel. From just a few rooms to several hundred, you can be confident in Sloan pressure-assisted toilets to keep drainlines cleared.
  4. You recognize the name “Flushmate.” Flushmate is by far the best-known name in pressure-assist technology, with an unparalleled reputation for performance.
  5. You manage a restaurant, nightclub or bar. It’s 9:30 on a Friday night. Does anyone on your staff have time to go unclog a toilet? And is that something you want your patrons seeing?
  6. You can’t afford clogs. No matter what kind of property you own or manage, clogged toilets are bad for business. With Sloan pressure-assisted toilets, pressure from the Flushmate vessel pushes waste out of the bowl and into the drainline far faster than a gravity flush—for far fewer clogs.
  7. You manage a retail outlet or gas station. When people need your restrooms, it’s often an emergency—and a clogged toilet can become a worst-case scenario.
  8. You understand what “drainline carry” means. Sloan has actually published a white paper about drainline carry in low flush volume conditions, but here’s the important part: Sloan pressure-assisted toilets deliver up to 50% longer drainline carry than gravity toilets, so you’ll experience far fewer stoppages.
  9. You demand a clean environment. Clogs aren’t the only problem Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets reduce—you’ll also notice a cleaner bowl, because the higher velocity and pressure of the rim jets create a better scrub. If a clean environment is critical to your business, clean toilets are a must.
  10. You manage a medical office or assisted living facility. Nowhere is cleanliness more strictly regulated than in a medical facility. Combine the clog prevention of Sloan’s pressure-assisted toilets with SloanTec® Hydrophobic Glaze for cleaner bowls that stay clean longer.
  11. You manage a small or medium-sized office, a school or a government building. Three more environments where no one has time to deal with clogged toilets.
  12. You manage dormitories or apartments. Some residents are extremely conscientious and clean. Others, not so much. Cleaner, clog-free toilets keep your units in better condition and your maintenance costs lower.
  13. You need trouble-free operation and easy maintenance. The Flushmate vessel eliminates the need for flappers, chains and clunky multi-linkage mechanisms. You’ll get smooth, quiet, trouble-free flush activation and easier maintenance wherever you install Sloan pressure-assisted toilets.

Don’t settle for the clogs and headaches of gravity toilets. Specify Sloan pressure-assisted toilets for your light commercial facilities, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of flushometer performance at low flush volumes.

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