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February 01, 2018

How to Conduct a Successful CEU Lunch-n-Learn

Did you know that Sloan recently added another lunch-n-learn course to our CEU library? In December we officially rolled out our seventh Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course to our pool of authorized instructors. The Selecting Plumbing Fixtures for Commercial Restrooms in Healthcare Facilities course is the first in our lineup designed for a specific vertical market – the healthcare industry.

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and others all deal with diverse challenges, from the transmission of infectious diseases to the growing population of bariatric patients. They can help address these challenges and provide a safe and healthy environment through the use of specialized plumbing products. This course provides architects, designers and engineers with an overview of the technologies and products specific to the healthcare settings while discussing ADA requirements and reviewing several products that enhance the safety and comfort of patients and visitors.

More Courses Mean More Instructors

As our library of CEU courses continues to grow so does our team of authorized instructors. We currently have almost 120 authorized instructors located throughout North America.

This team has elevated the Sloan CEU program to its strongest year since its inception. In 2017, we conducted 219 CEU Lunch-n-Learn courses to 2,565 attendees. Compare those numbers to 2016 when we conducted 116 CEU Lunch-n-Learn courses to 1,154 attendees. That’s a 90% increase in presentations and a 120% increase in attendees since last year.

Tips From the Best

As our program continues to grow we are seeing a handful of instructors who have had great success utilizing the Sloan CEU Lunch-n-Learn program to build relationships and gain specifier confidence. We asked them for some input and tips on their success. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Always bring a hot meal. It’s amazing how that makes a huge difference in whether they want you back or not. They hate sandwiches.
  • Adhere to the firms requirements for serving food. Many firms are “green” and have their own plates, utensils, etc. They don’t want unwanted or unneeded packaging. Just be mindful of that.
  • Do the product presentation in the first 10 minutes, that way you have their attention. If you wait until after the presentation, attendees are rushed to get back to work.
  • Never exaggerate what you know or don’t know. If they ask a question and you don’t have the answer simply say exactly that and then tell them you’ll get the answer and get back with them. Then do it.
  • Bring in anything new or something you want in front of them. Mini AER-DEC, relevant literature, etc. Even though they have them in their respective libraries they can’t help but look at them. Understand, product can’t be discussed during the CEU but certainly can be before.
  • Many architects and designers believe that continuing education in the various divisions is crucial to advancing and improving the profession, whether or not they're a member of AIA or IDCEC. Architects and designers are required to complete continuing education before their license’s expiration date.
  • Many of the larger firms book CEU lunch-n-learns months in advance. In order to schedule efficiently and make the most of your time, you must plan in advance.
  • When you schedule a CEU, plan on arriving early and leaving late. This gives you an opportunity to start right away and stay later to connect with any inquiring minds.


To learn more about hosting Selecting Plumbing Fixtures for Commercial Restrooms in Healthcare Facilities—or any of our other 45-minute in-person “lunch-n-learn” courses—at your organization, please contact Sloan at

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