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November 05, 2020

Tooshlights®: Improve Social Distancing with Restroom Traffic Management

In high density spaces, travelers will soon stream through airports, fans will pack stadiums, music lovers will crowd into theaters, and food lovers will make reservations at their favorite restaurants.

And they’ll all need to use the restroom.

Now is the ideal time to upgrade your restrooms to give customers the best possible experience when they return. We’ve devoted previous posts to essential hygiene-related upgrades, but here’s another idea that can make your restrooms more comfortable for everyone.

Tooshlights Helps Visitors “Know Where to Go®

Any facility with high traffic experiences periods of restroom use inefficiency—times when more people need to use the restroom than there is capacity to accommodate them. At times like these, you might have people queueing up in one area while stalls sit empty elsewhere. How do you manage that traffic?

Tooshlights® is the new standard in managing restroom traffic. Clearly visible indicator lights above each stall—red for occupied, green for available—help people find a free stall more quickly, with less waiting and congestion.


By helping visitors know “where to go,” Tooshlights can optimize stall usage, shorten lines, and significantly increase restroom use efficiency.

Reduced Wait Times, Increased Privacy, and Better Social Distancing

Of course, there’s far more to the Tooshlights System than just red and green lights:

  • Blue indicator lights can be designated for available ADA-compliant stalls.
  • Smart latches or smart deadbolts wirelessly pair with the indicator lights over their respective stalls.
  • The Tooshlights Hub can power and manage up to 30 indicator lights while communicating vital usage and maintenance data to facility management.

Together, these components deliver a streamlined, enhanced experience for everyone who uses your restrooms. They not only manage traffic to reduce wait times, they also increase privacy by eliminating that under-the-door, hey-is-anyone-in-there peeking.

And there’s another significant benefit to the superior traffic management you’ll see with Tooshlights—when guests know immediately which stall to use when it’s their turn, they can more easily maintain social distancing. Additionally, the line will move faster, reducing wait times. That will remain important to people even when COVID-19 has faded from the headlines.

Smart Integration Enables Better Restroom Management

While Tooshlights significantly improve users’ experience, the data communicated by the Tooshlights system—with the Tooshlights Hub and a Modus Systems Software subscription—also enhances your management capabilities.

Simply knowing when a stall is occupied and when it becomes available gives you a wealth of information:

  • Stall turnover data tells you when it needs routine maintenance.
  • Traffic tracking analyzes peaks and downtimes for more efficient custodial scheduling.
  • Maintenance alerts show when a stall is being avoided, which can indicate plumbing failure, a cleaning issue, or a need for re-supply.
  • Emergency/security alerts tell you when one guest is in a stall long enough to cause concern.
  • Detailed reports provide insights into daily, weekly, and monthly usage per stall and per restroom.

When you manage a facility with high-traffic periods, the Tooshlights system can make visitors’ experience more pleasant while also making your job easier. When airports, theaters, stadiums, retailers, restaurants, and office buildings return to a new normal, you’ll be ready.

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