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Susanville, CA

Corcoran / High Desert Prisons

California, which suffers from ongoing water shortages, has put in place numerous regulations for curbing water use and penalties for those who fail to abide by them. So it’s ironic that two of the state’s penal facilities, which were under pressure for their exorbitant water use, are now models for institutional water efficiency.
These two California prisons, California State Prison-Corcoran in Corcoran and High Desert State Prison in Susanville, both have two institutional facilities on the same site sharing a water treatment plant. As opposed to typical residential development, where population growth takes a slow, but steadily increasing toll on local resources, the opening of a prison with its thousands of occupants can be likened to a small city rising nearly overnight. A new prison puts a large and immediate demand on resources, including water supplies and wastewater services.

To conserve water and to cut water and wastewater costs, both prisons have installed Sloan’s Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) system. The PWT products include computerized control devices that enable plumbers or administrators to turn water on and off to any combination of toilets, sinks or showers and to program pre-set limits for plumbing fixture use.

Water consumption has drastically dropped.

Dena Schweizer

Utility Shop Supervisor