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Lawrenceburg, IN

Hollywood Casino

A new riverboat casino in Lawrenceburg, Ind., meshes 1930’s art deco interior design with modern-day decorative faucets and sensor-activated Flushometers.
The 2009 premier of the spectacular new Hollywood Casino boat in Lawrenceburg, Ind., created buzz with its luxurious and larger-than-life design. Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg, the largest riverboat casino in the U.S., resides on the Ohio River only 30 minutes from Cincinnati. The casino has 4,400 gaming positions spanning two decks, each of which is wider than an aircraft carrier and nearly as long as a football field, and it can accommodate almost 9,000 guests.

Classic Hollywood style comes to life on this riverboat with features such as a 60-foot serpentine video wall for showing movie clips and entertainment, a rooftop performance area reminiscent of the Hollywood Bowl and back-lot Hollywood film sets on the casino floor.

The casino captures the glamour of 1930s art deco Hollywood, while adopting the latest technology and guest comforts. This includes Sloan sensor-activated plumbing systems for convenience and hygiene in the public restrooms.

Chief engineer Doug Elmore, who has been with Hollywood Casino for 12 years and a veteran of the marine industry for more than 30 years, has long used Sloan plumbing systems on the job. He was also the engineer on the Hollywood Casino boat’s predecessor, which went out of commission with an owner changeover and the introduction of the new boat.

On the prior riverboat, Elmore oversaw the retrofitting of its manual Flushometers to newer Sloan sensor-activated models. Thus, he was very familiar with the plumbing systems for the restrooms on the newer riverboat casino and within the land-based boarding annex, which collectively have 167 Optima® ES-S sensor-activated water closet Flushometers and 58 urinal Flushometers.

As Elmore observes in his matter-of-fact tone, “It all works just fine. Sloan products are good.” Being “good” in his opinion means that the Flushometers create very few maintenance problems, and when they have required service, Sloan has promptly sent the necessary replacement parts.

A history of performance and reliability was only part of the reason Hollywood Casino opted for Sloan plumbing on its newest riverboat casino. Because achieving an optimal image and surpassing guest expectations also were important, management chose to upgrade its faucets to Sloan Optima i.q.™ models.

The i.q. faucets are distinguished by their stylish, one-hole European design, and Hollywood Casino chose to enhance the look by specifying a brushed nickel finish to match the restroom décor. Besides aesthetics, i.q. gains style points for its user-controlled settings: A lever on the side of the faucet enables restroom visitors to adjust water temperature or control the duration of the water flow. If the visitor simply wants the faucet to flow at the default setting, a simple wave of the hand by the sensor will activate water on demand.

Delivering a positive and sophisticated ambience across the board is part of the Hollywood Casino guest experience, and Sloan does its part in making that happen daily.

It all works just fine. Sloan products are good.

Doug Elmore

Chief Engineer