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Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Convention Center

Making the desert green.
As one of the top twenty convention venues in North America, the Phoenix Convention Center is a beautiful, three-building complex that covers 26 acres of the arid southwest. Originally built in 1985, the complex was expanded and updated between 2006 and 2009, and now covers 900,000 square feet of the Sonoran Desert.

During the renovation there were two major concerns, incorporating the natural beauty of the region and preserving its integrity. To help maintain the region’s virtue designers selected Sloan’s SOLIS® EAF-275 faucets for all bathroom sinks.

The American Southwest is not known for its plentiful resources, especially when it comes to water.

Being in a major metropolitan area, the Phoenix Convention Center has also been especially concerned with proper energy usage for some time. When it came time to build new and update old sections of the center, the designers on the project wanted to ensure that they:

• Achieved LEED certification
• Efficiently reduced water and energy usage

These goals, although simple enough on paper, required many elements and technologies to come together harmoniously. Architects and contractors working on the project selected a number of ways to add water and energy efficiency to the building including a photovoltaic solar energy plant, sustainable wood products, Energy Star roofing, organic based adhesives & sealants, and of course efficient plumbing.

Chosen because of their contribution toward earning LEED certification, all plumbing products promote the efficient use of energy. For toilets and urinals, battery powered dual flush valves were paired with low flow fixtures. When it came to sinks, contractors turned to Sloan’s innovative solar powered SOLIS faucets for its sustainable capabilities and lessening of emissions.

Today the convention center boasts over 1,100 SOLIS Solar Powered Faucets, and with an estimated water savings of 80% (as compared to the EPA standard of 2.5 gpm) they help make the Phoenix Convention Center one of the most eco-friendly in the country.

Products Used


Optima® Solar-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body Faucet