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West Chester, OH

West Chester Hospital

When plans were underway for the new West Chester Hospital, the first full-service hospital built from the ground up in the greater Cincinnati area in more than 25 years, building product decisions incorporated the healthcare industry expertise of employees from other facilities. Familiarity with Sloan products drove the choice to use Sloan plumbing in patient rooms, surgical suites and other areas within the West Chester, Ohio, hospital.
“A number of us at other hospitals have had Sloan products,” says Michael Kuechenmeister, director of plant operations at West Chester Hospital, “and it was the recommendation that came from the engineer to spec Sloan.”

The operating rooms, catheritization laboratories and endoscopy suites all have Sloan model ESS-2100 scrub sinks with Optima® sensor-activated, 2.2 gpm laminar flow faucets. These single-station, stainless-steel scrub sinks arrive pre-plumbed for easy installation and have a lift-out access panel on the front for maintenance. Kuechenmeister says, however, that he has yet to face scrub sink maintenance: “We haven’t had any issues or problems. It’s very low on the radar scope.”

Nurses on patient floors are among the users of the close to 200 Sloan ETF-600 sensor-activated faucets installed throughout the hospital. Instead of traditional nurses’ stations overseeing multiple patient rooms from one central position, West Chester Hospital is designed with a nurses’ work space between each patient room. Giving nurses greater flexibility and patient visibility with this type of work space set-up, coupled with faucets that Kuechenmeister says need “to be hands-free for infection control purposes,” were key design considerations. “Washing is a huge item” toward meeting the hospital’s patient safety goals, he adds.

Sloan bedpan washer flushometers in each of the 162 patient rooms provide cleaning ease for the healthcare professionals as well. The Slimline® model BPW-1100 bedpan washer flushometers, operating at a low-consumption rate of 1.6 gpf, are dual-filtered bypass diaphragm flushometers with a solid brass spray arm.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sloan® Optima® ES-S exposed water closet and urinal flushometers with wall-mount sensors are installed in public restrooms, while Sloan® model 117 manual service sink flushometers offer maintenance and housekeeping staff members powerful flushing operation.

The hospital opened three of its five floors in May 2009, leaving the remaining two for later use when demand for additional patient space warrants it. Although Kuechenmeister says that the facility is not fully open, West Chester Hospital is fully prepared to meet the current and future needs of the community.

Products Used


Stainless Steel 1-Station Wall-Mounted Scrub Sink


Optima® Hardwired-Powered Deck-Mounted Low Integrated Base Body Faucet


Royal® Exposed Manual Specialty Water Closet Bedpan Washer Flushometer