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Boise, ID

Banner Bank

Going green without spending it.
Designed to bring a new level of competitiveness to Idaho, the Banner Bank Building in downtown Boise has brought high-performance building design to the area.

From the beginning, creating a facility that would be healthy for the environment was the main concern, but doing so without wasting the construction budget can be a challenge.

By utilizing new, energy-saving technologies this example of green construction was able to save money both while building and since opening the facility's doors.

With an emphasis on reducing overall energy use and material consumption, builders incorporated thermal, air, water and other green strategies that would reduce initial costs and keep subsequent, continual costs down.

To accomplish this the building used demand controlled ventilation, evaporative pre-cooling, In-floor geothermal closed water loop, drought tolerant vegetation, greywater system, touchless, low-flow fixtures.

To help with the overall goal of reducing costs, the building managers, Christensen Corp., selected Sloan products for most of the building’s restroom operations