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Pittsburgh, PA

The Tower at PNC Plaza

Build one of the greenest office towers in the world using the best of the best.
That’s what PNC Bank set out to do when planning its new corporate headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh. So when architecture firm Gensler introduced PNC to a then prototype-only AER-DEC™ Integrated Sink, they knew they had to have it in every bathroom of the 33-story skyscraper.

Although the AER-DEC was not yet on the market, Sloan worked with PNC to customize a version that was ready for the building’s 2015 unveiling. As sustainable as it is beautiful, the AER-DEC saves water, reduces energy consumption and eliminates the need for paper towels. Good for the environment. Good for the user. Good for business.

*Interior photographs by Hedrich Blessing

Products Used


AER-DEC® 1-Station Wall-Mounted Sink


AER-DEC® 2-Station Wall-Mounted Sink


AER-DEC® 3-Station Wall-Mounted Sink


AER-DEC® 4-Station Wall-Mounted Sink

We wanted to use forward-thinking products in our building to provide our employees with the best quality we could get. That’s really what led us to Sloan. It was a symbiotic relationship. We were able to express our concerns, and Sloan was able to provide us with alternatives. We were taking some risk in buying something that wasn’t on the market, but we had a lot of confidence that they were going to be able to deliver.

PNC Official