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Shenzhen, China

Vanke Centre

The first building in China to achieve LEED® Platinum certification has Sloan SOLIS® faucets and Waterfree Urinals.
When the Vanke Centre in Shenzhen, located across the border from Hong Kong in southern China, opened in the fall of 2009, it became the first building in China to achieve LEED® Platinum certification. Installing solar-powered, sensor-activated Sloan SOLIS® faucets and Waterfree Urinals from Sloan Valve Company contributed to the building's LEED level.

The new Vanke Centre, which is the flagship property of national real estate developer China Vanke Properties, is a mixed-use "horizontal" skyscraper with apartments, condominiums, a hotel, a conference center and office space: If it were to stand upright, the Vanke Centre would be as tall as the Empire State Building. Although only the wing housing China Vanke Properties’ headquarters is LEED® Platinum certified, the entire Vanke Centre benefits from sustainable design components, such as skylighting, natural floor lighting through its raised base, rooftop solar panels and gutters that collect rain water for irrigation.

Sloan Waterfree Urinals are flushless, odorless urinals that provide 100% water savings. The fixtures install on standard drainlines and use biodegradable cartridges, which last for about 7,000 uses apiece. Sloan SOLIS faucets derive energy from any natural or artificial light source to power their sensors for touchless, automatic operation. The faucets save energy as well as water: The standard flow rate is a water-efficient 0.5 gpm/1.9 Lpm.