One good thing leads to another.

We put water efficiency to work.

At Sloan, we empower businesses and communities worldwide to meet their water and energy challenges with solutions that connect us all more responsibly.

It’s not only the right thing to do; it’s also right for your bottom line. Our sustainable practices and products help you achieve a greater return on your most important investments: profit, planet and people. We take responsibility through every part of the product life cycle, from the sourcing of raw materials through usage, consumption, maintenance and recycling.

Saving water

As the leading manufacturer of water-efficient systems, Sloan products make saving water effortless.

20% Water Savings

Use 20% less water with a 1.28 GPF water closet flushometer.

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30% Water Savings

Save 31% water with High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Systems (1.1 gpf).

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40% Water Savings

Cut 40% water usage with Sloan battery-powered faucets.

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Innovating responsibly

We strive to create better products with technology that maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste.

Our Hybrid Urinal with Jetrinse™ Solution Technology uses zero water.

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The all-in-one AER-DEC™ sink eliminates waste and reduces maintenance.

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500,000 gallons of potable water saved at Yale University with 1.6/1.1 Dual-Flush Flushometer.

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Fulfilling green goals

Our plumbing solutions can be used to gain USGBC LEED® v4 points and/or comply with CALGreen® and other building codes.

Maximize LEED credits with Sloan High-Efficiency Urinal (HEU) Systems.

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Meet 20% LEED baseline reductions with many Sloan products.

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USGBC’S Headquarters achieved LEED® Platinum certification with Waterfree urinals & SOLIS® solar-powered faucets.

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Reducing our footprint

Sustainable strategies and actions have been part of our roots since the beginning. It’s who we are.

Sloan has been recycling products and materials actively since 1908.

Platinum member of the USGBC since 2003.

Sloan is a founding member of the Regenerative Network.

Your goals. Our solutions.

Sustainability is successful when it adds value to what’s most important to your goals. Whether your focus is on saving money, achieving LEED certification or projecting the right image for your business, Sloan products deliver.

More Savings Less waste means lower annual water bills.
Less Maintenance Advanced, intuitive technology ensures long-lasting performance with less upkeep.
Greater Efficiency Less paper towels means less maintenance.
Enhanced Image Customers and employees care about how green businesses/employers are.
Better Hygiene Seamless, hands-free operation = healthier, more productive customers/employees.
Greener Projects Low-flow, water-free and reclaimed water technology helps maximize LEED credits.
Happier Planet Less usage ensures water is available for future generations.