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March 08, 2018

The Renovated Century Plaza Towers Exemplify Two Kinds of Beauty

Whether you’re motivated by breathtaking architecture or life-sustaining conservation, Los Angeles’ newly renovated Century Plaza Towers can redefine your idea of “beautiful.”

The renovations include water-saving upgrades to the public restrooms on all 88 floors of the two buildings—upgrades in which Sloan components play a major role. More on that later.

First, though, we’d like to share some astonishing facts and history about this Southern California landmark. You probably recognize the Century Plaza Towers, but their beauty goes far deeper than their gleaming aluminum skin.

A star of the Los Angeles skyline

When a movie or TV show wants to establish an LA setting, there’s a good chance they’ll use a sweeping aerial shot of these iconic twin triangular towers. You’ve seen them in countless commercials and music videos. They’re depicted on a famous Yes album cover, and Remington Steele had his headquarters there.

Why? Because they’re gorgeous.

Designed by World Trade Center architect Minoru Kamasaki and completed in 1975, the towers’ aluminum exteriors were a showcase for Alcoa, the original owner. Their triangular footprints made them instantly recognizable and until recently they were two of the tallest skyscrapers in Southern California.

The recent renovations have modernized the buildings’ lobbies for better views of the spectacular landscaping between them—and that landscaping is part of the facility’s stunning sustainability.

Saving more than 21 million gallons of water per year

When your state faces prolonged droughts and many parts of the world cope with periods of severe water scarcity, making water sustainability a priority is just common sense. But Century Plaza Towers has taken sustainability to truly beautiful heights:

  • Making the facility’s landscaping 100% self-reliant, with three 10,000-gallon tanks that store groundwater recovered from the subterranean parking garage.

  • Sloan hybrid urinals for men’s rooms on each of the 88 floors.

  • Saving a half gallon on nearly every flush with  Sloan’s UPPERCUT® Flushometers, which let users push the handle down for a 1.6-gallon solid waste flush and up for a 1.1-gallon liquid waste flush.

  • Reducing water use in every restroom sink by 67 percent, with the advanced aerators in Sloan BASYS® faucets.

These and other measures combine to save Century Plaza Towers more than 21.2 million gallons annually—the equivalent consumption of 212 average American households.

Because energy production requires vast volumes of water, the towers’ new solar window film and lighting retrofits contribute even more to water sustainability by saving 8 million kilowatt hours each year. Depending on how that power is generated, every kilowatt hour saved can save almost one gallon of water.

We’re proud to be part of this major renovation to such an iconic pair of buildings. Their exterior beauty is now matched by water sustainability that will help keep Southern California beautiful for decades to come.

From the 1906 invention of the Royal® Flushometer to today’s automatic fixtures, Sloan’s innovations have saved building owners billions of gallons of water. Want to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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