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Beyond football: How the Campus Crossroads Project transforms Notre Dame

May 01, 2018

Beyond football: How the Campus Crossroads Project transforms Notre Dame

Notre Dame Stadium has been described as the center of the college football universe but, until recently, it wasn’t the center of student life at the University of Notre Dame.

That’s changing with the Campus Crossroads Project, the largest building initiative in the school’s history. The project adds 800,000 square feet of classroom, research, student life, media, performance, meeting and event space, in three buildings adjacent and attached to Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame and Sloan have a 112-year relationship, so it was only natural that Sloan products were designated as the Basis of Design for the Campus Crossroads Project. Let’s take a closer look.

How the Campus Crossroads Project changes Notre Dame

The Campus Crossroads Project includes three new buildings—plus significant enhancements to the stadium itself—that place historic Notre Dame Stadium at the intersection of the university’s research, student life and events:

  • The Duncan Student Center is “a new space for students to create, perform, gather, connect, exercise and unwind.” It includes meeting rooms, student lounges, recreational sports facilities, dance and exercise studios, a career services center with more than 40 interview rooms, a 500-seat student ballroom, club seating and booths for NBC Sports telecasts of football games.

  • O’Neill Hall is the new home of the university’s growing Department of Music and Sacred Music. It contains a 174-seat recital hall, an interdisciplinary performance hall, classrooms, rehearsal rooms and the university’s music library. Its exterior features the Frank Leahy Gate stadium entrance and the stadium’s new video scoreboard.

  • Corbett Family Hall consolidates offices, classrooms and labs for the Departments of Anthropology and Psychology, which had been scattered across the campus. It also includes the Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center, with a 2,000-square-foot studio and production facilities, along with club seating and press box facilities for football games.

  • Enhancements to Notre Dame Stadium include outdoor club-level seating and new terraces with a view of both campus and the playing field. The new, advertising-free video board allowed the school to remove the north scoreboard, giving fans a better view of the Word of Life mural on the Hesburgh Library, a.k.a. “Touchdown Jesus.”

How Sloan technology impacts the Campus Crossroads Project

The Campus Crossroads Project architects specified a total of 2,105 Sloan products, including toilets, urinals, Royal® and ECOS® flushometers, BASYS® and Optima® faucets, and soap dispensers. Together, they make this project’s new restrooms models of user comfort, water sustainability and style. Here are some of the highlights:

If 81,000 Fighting Irish fans each use the bathroom three times on game day, these flushometers can save up to 121,500 gallons of water—enough for the daily use of more than 400 average U.S. families.

  • Each phase of the project specified Sloan Royal 186 touchless flushometers and SU-1009 urinals, a combination requiring only 0.125 gallon per flush. The sensor-activated Royal limits false flushes with an eight-second arming time, and its hands-free operation improves hygiene in high-traffic campus situations.

  • Most locations in the project received efficient Sloan Optima sensor faucets, while others had deck-mounted BASYS faucets specified. In addition to touch-free operation and efficient, 0.5 gpm water delivery, the BASYS faucets also allowed for customized engraved crowns sporting the Notre Dame logo.

  • The architects overseeing the stadium renovation also specified sensor-operated Optima ESD-300 soap dispensers throughout, for maximum game-day hygiene.

We’re proud to have been part of this historic campus extension at one of America’s top universities. Whether you root for the Fighting Irish or just cheer for advances in water sustainability, the Campus Crossroads Project can make any architect, designer or engineer a fan. Learn more about Sloan’s projects, including Notre Dame University, at Sloan’s case studies page.

Want to know more about Sloan innovations that save building owners billions of gallons of water every year? Talk to Sloan!


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