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June 07, 2018

New SloanStone® commercial sinks: More colors, more shapes, more “wow.”

If you’re not familiar with our SloanStone® line of molded, solid-surface commercial sinks, now is a great time to get better acquainted. We’ve introduced three new models with design and color options ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings, malls, airports, stadiums and more.

Like all our SloanStone sinks, the new models are engineered for high-traffic environments with a single-molded basin and non-porous material for vandal resistance, hygiene and easy service.

But the best thing about the three new models is that they give architects and designers more ways to build “wow” into their commercial restroom designs. All three models are available in 25 different colors, and they can be paired with any of seven sensor-activated faucet and soap dispenser combinations — or you can mix and match Sloan faucets and soap dispensers to create your own look.

Let’s take a closer look at the new SloanStone sinks.

Round Front ELRF Series: Just cool enough for schools.

Teaching kids to wash up is one of the key lessons of preschool and kindergarten. Older kids sometimes need to be reminded how to respect public washrooms. Our new round front design SloanStone sink gives your restroom design two things kids of all ages love:

  • Cool colors
  • Not bonking their heads, elbows or hips on corners

Choose from 25 different colors to match any design scheme you can imagine, and trust that the sink’s rounded front will make those inevitable bodily collisions less traumatic.

Available in single, double, triple or quadruple configurations, the round front design SloanStone sink is perfect for schools or any other restrooms used frequently by children.

Arrowhead ELA Series: Toughness with a modern aesthetic.

Looking for a way to give your next commercial restroom a distinctive look without compromising on cost or durability? The new Arrowhead design SloanStone sink may be the “edge” you need.

We put “edge” in quotes because it’s the slight point and an open-front edge that give the Arrowhead its modern aesthetic. With 25 different colors to choose from, it’s the perfect design complement for bathrooms in malls, offices, stadiums and other public venues.

The Arrowhead is also available in single, double, triple or quadruple configurations, so it can set the design tone for even the highest-traffic commercial restrooms.

Waterfall ELWF Series: Because kids deserve sinks that fit them.

Every parent knows the drill: You’re in the bathroom at the airport (or stadium, or restaurant, or museum) and you have to pick up your kids so they can reach the faucet and wash their hands. Many parents even master the art of holding kids against the sink with their bodies so both can wash their hands at the same time.

As adorable as that scene may be, the Waterfall design SloanStone sink makes it unnecessary. With one or more adult-height stations paired with one child-height station, it’s ideal for any commercial restroom used by both adults and children.

This ADA-friendly design is available in 25 different designer colors and double, triple or quadruple configurations. Specify it for your next commercial bathroom design, and you’ll enjoy the thanks of moms and dads everywhere.

Want more choices for durable, stylish, affordable commercial restroom sinks? See the entire line of SloanStone molded sinks.

Sloan innovations give architects, designers and engineers the world’s largest selection of stylish, sustainable commercial restroom design options. Want to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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