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June 21, 2018

11 commercial restroom design details you really shouldn’t forget.

A small business we know recently renovated its entire office—floors, walls, lighting, windows, work spaces and, of course, restrooms. The results were stunning, but when employees used the restrooms on their first day in the new space, they realized something was missing.

There was no way to dry their hands.

The project’s designers hadn’t specified electric hand dryers, and somehow no one thought about paper towel dispensers. Management had no choice but to leave stacks of paper towels on the bathroom sink decks, adding store-bought, free-standing dispensers the next day.

Small design lapses like that can undermine the impact you want to make with your new or renovated commercial restroom design. They can be expensive to correct, but even if the fix is simple, who wants fixes in their brand new restroom?

Here are some more commercial restroom design details that you absolutely want to get right the first time:

1. Hand dryers (or paper towels) next to the sink. People walking across the restroom with wet hands will drip on the floor, which is messy and potentially dangerous.

2. Space for waste baskets near the sink. The farther from the sink the wastebasket is, the more paper towel litter there will be on the floor. (Which is one more reason we recommend automatic hand dryers.)

3. Touchless soap dispensers and faucets. Think about what’s on your hands before you wash them in the restroom. That’s what gets on the faucet and soap dispenser—and why touchless is far more hygienic. (And matching faucets and soap dispensers give you hygiene plus style.)

11 commercial restroom design details you really shouldn’t forget

4. #1 and #3 combined. Sloan’s AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System combines your soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer and sink basin to work together as one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system.

11 commercial restroom design details you really shouldn’t forget

5. Hooks. Inside stall doors, hooks for jackets, purses or shopping bags should be standard for all public bathrooms. And look, there’s now a convenient bag hook available on our AER-DEC sink system!

11 commercial restroom design details you really shouldn’t forget

6. Speaking of stall doors ... they should swing out, not in. And please specify stalls with tight-fitting doors and panels to protect people’s privacy.

7. Partitions between urinals are another considerate touch for added privacy.

8. Seat cover dispensers. According to studies, 85% of women crouch or “hover” over the toilet seat. Give their quadriceps a break—make seat covers available.

9. Space around changing tables. If someone leaves the table down, can someone else in a wheelchair get past? If not, your restroom may not be ADA-compliant.

10. Space for waste baskets near the changing table. With openings large enough for diapers, please.

11. Friendly mirror lighting. Want people to feel good about your restroom? They need to feel good about themselves. Airport, school, stadium or office, people check their appearance before they leave the restroom. Make them glad they did.

Sloan innovations give architects, designers and engineers the world’s largest selection of stylish, sustainable commercial restroom design options. Want to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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