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September 21, 2018

Making strides: Sloan fights type 1 diabetes in the 2018 JDRF One Walk

Type 1 diabetes is an incurable condition that affects people of every race and nationality, who must regulate their diet and insulin levels every day simply to survive.

Since type 1 diabetes impacts people from every walk of life, it’s only fitting that people come together every fall to walk in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) One Walk. Sloan is proud to once again support the Chicago Lakefront One Walk on September 30, with both a sponsorship and a walking team.

“We have 110 people signed up, and we’re expecting between 125 and 150,” says Sloan’s Monique DiVarco, captain of the stRolling Sloans. “Last year we helped raise a significant amount of money for this worthy cause. We are proud of our sponsorship and participation over the last eight years.”

JDRF steps closer to a cure

JDRF’s stated goal is to turn “Type One into Type None”—to cure type 1 diabetes and relieve the burden it places on millions of people. (Type 1 diabetes prevents the pancreas from producing enough insulin).

Type 1 diabetes is mysterious. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why people get it. Genetics and viruses may play a role, but no one “does” anything to “deserve” type 1 diabetes—it’s something that just happens to people, usually as children, regardless of what shape they’re in or what kind of food they eat.

That’s why it’s so important to help JDRF. With money raised by One Walk events and other initiatives, the organization has supported impressive advancements in diabetes research in just the last year:

  • A device that helps pancreatic precursor cells develop into insulin-producing beta cells
  • A trial testing how effective oral insulin is in preventing diabetes onset in children with early-stage genetic markers
  • At least 18 different artificial pancreas (AP) systems under development by industry and academic groups
  • A $5 million commitment toward developing different approaches to glucose responsive insulins

We believe advancements like these will one day eradicate type 1 diabetes, and we’re proud to help JDRF pursue that goal. But that’s not the only reason we love joining One Walk every year.

 “A great way for everyone to get together.”

Everyone knows someone whose life is impacted by type 1 diabetes, and that’s certainly true for Sloan. One of our presidents’ wives has the condition, along with another employee and his young son.

“This boy drew a picture of what life would be like without type 1 diabetes,” says DiVarco. “His version of the world, along with some sentences about what life would be like for him, will be our walk t-shirt this year.”

The family connection seems appropriate. DiVarco says, “One Walk is a great, family-friendly walk along Chicago’s lakefront. People bring their kids and their dogs. There are activities and booths promoting healthy eating. It’s just a great way for everyone to get together and raise money for a good cause.”

Over the years, we’ve grown our network of friends and family members who make One Walk such an effective fund-raiser. We’ve also made the event a company-wide bonding experience.

DiVarco says, “Last year, seeing 125 people in that team photo, it kind of blew me away. This has taken off so strongly within our company. You have office employees who don’t interact most days with shop employees, but we all come together as one group. You get to know people you don’t work with directly, and realize we’re all part of the same family.”

Please help find new advances in diabetes treatment — visit the stRolling Sloans' JDRF One Walk page.

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