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Disneyland Restroom with Sloan Flushometers and Fixtures

January 03, 2019

No magic required: Disneyland and Sloan team up for water savings

How does a world-famous resort with a strong commitment to water conservation get even better?

That’s a question the Disneyland® Resort set out to answer—and, with Sloan’s help, they captured new water savings that improved their already exemplary record of sustainability innovations.

Unlike the magic transformations in many Disney movies, these water savings weren’t achieved with the stroke of a magic wand. Instead, Disney engineers worked with Sloan to identify vulnerabilities in the resort’s water usage and apply appropriate technology to remedy them.

Here’s an inside look.

Water saving innovation since 1955

The Disneyland® Resort is a 500-acre destination in Southern California that includes Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. The combined parks have welcomed more than 800 million guests since opening in 1955.

Their focus on water sustainability goes back all the way to the beginning. As part of the original design, two-thirds of the storm drains at Disneyland Park flowed to interconnected waterways throughout the park, instead of to the ocean.

In 2008, the Resort initiated a partnership with the Orange County Water District, diverting drained water to the district’s innovative Groundwater Replenishment System — the largest water purification project of its kind in the world — where it’s converted to fresh, potable water. Other sustainability measures include low-flow, drip irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plants at many major attractions.

Many restrooms throughout the Resort were equipped with low-flow toilets, urinals, shower heads and faucet aerators. But merely having low-flow restroom fixtures doesn’t automatically translate to achieving maximum water savings — and that’s where Sloan was able to help.

Three improvements for water conservation

When a Resort-wide water characterization study identified restrooms as a key area of opportunity, and Sloan helped Resort management make three significant improvements that contribute to millions of gallons of water savings:

  • Getting the fixtures right. Fixtures in the Resort ranged from 3.5 gpf down to 1.6 gpf. Sloan helped Disney test and install Royal 111 water closet flushometers at 1.28 gpf, and Royal 186 urinal flushometers at .125 gpf.
  • Getting the diaphragms right. Due to misaligned components and component fatigue, many of the Resort’s flushometers were using too much water. Sloan helped management better understand the lifecycle of its synthetic rubber diaphragms and set up a standard maintenance schedule to ensure they were being replaced on schedule.
  • Getting the timing right. Realizing that premature and false flushes were driving up water usage, the Resort installed Sloan’s ESS Sensor Flushometers set to flush after 16 seconds instead of the previous eight, achieving an additional water savings of up to 30 percent in restrooms.

Tony Garcia, Disneyland Resort Manager of Environmental Integration, said, “Through a deep understanding of how the Resort uses water and a comprehensive water conservation plan, Disneyland Resort has saved over 1 billion gallons of water since 2009.” Sloan is proud to be a part of that remarkable sustainability story

Want to know more about Sloan innovations that save building owners billions of gallons of water every year? Talk to Sloan!

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