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February 14, 2019

8 Water-Savvy Solutions We're Watching in 2019

If there's one thing we love more than water, it's keeping tabs on the latest articles, commentary and inspiration on water sustainability. From footprint-reducing initiatives to sourcing water out of thin air, eco-minded inventors and organizations are thinking beyond gpm when it comes to solving our biggest water-related and environmental challenges.

Architects, designers and engineers are familiar with our water-saving innovations for commercial restrooms. Here’s a list of recently reported ideas—inspired by Earth's most essential resource—that approach sustainability on an even bigger scale:

  1. Creating water out of thin air. It doesn't involve a rabbit or a hat, but these mobile capture-and-distill units from Zero Mass Water and Watergen provide hope in a glass wherever clean drinking water is needed.
  2. H2O pollution prevention that's in the bag. From fast food wrappers and plastic straws to cigarette butts—Australia has given us all one of the most sound and convincing reasons to ban preventable litter yet.
  3. Sustainability from the start. Founders and creators using Kickstarter now have more tools to measure and reduce their products' environmental impact. It's a model we think really holds water.
  4. Fresh water access, solar style. Considering an estimated 300 million people get some or all of their drinking water from desalination, these more energy-efficient methods are total game changers.
  5. A new kind of urban oasis. A creative architect/designer partnership has people reimagining the function of NYC's fire hydrants by converting these common street fixtures into multi-functional hydration stations. Public works designers and utilities' engineers: Take note.
  6. Water citizenship on a local scale  While many people think this is a job solely for state and local agencies, informed and engaged citizens are doing a lot to preserve and protect our water supply, from monitoring watersheds to clean water activism. We can't thank these volunteers enough.
  7. H2O impact investing From rapid climate change to growing municipal water costs, myriad factors are causing investors, both large and small, to take notice and put their money where their mouth is—literally. The biggest solutions to make a splash? They'll most likely come from the private sector, after all.
  8. Green water treatment facilities Sure, this might sound like an oxymoron—it did to us, too. But this team of international scientists came up with a way to treat wastewater using natural methods—using no energy at all. Plus, they use byproducts such as phosphate to satisfy up to 20% of the world's demand.

Since the introduction of the modern flushometer in 1906, Sloan innovations have saved building owners billions of gallons of water. For more water-saving ideas and continued learning resources, contact Sloan.

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