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Sloan Launches Mobile Handwashing Stations

Franklin Park, IL —

Diciembre 10, 2020

Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has launched mobile handwashing stations equipped with hands-free, sensor-operated technology for both indoor and outdoor applications.

With five models to select from, the mobile handwashing stations are designed to enable more convenient handwashing options for facilities of all types. Sloan’s latest touch-free innovation can be placed anywhere inside or outside the building where hygiene is essential. It can be used near entrances or exits, food courts, cafeterias, concourses, concessions, escalators, hallways, and much more.

“Whether it’s at school, at work, or at the game, hand hygiene is of the utmost importance right now,” said Jim Allen, Sloan co-president and CEO. “We’ve created a hygiene station on wheels that pairs attractive design with the durability you expect from Sloan. Our innovative technology, for this first-of-its-kind mobile handwashing station, will help facilities enhance health, wellness, and hygiene beyond the restroom.”

Sloan’s mobile handwashing stations are available as self-contained water or water line-connected handwashing stations. The self-contained stations are powered by a rechargeable battery and allow for freshwater and greywater storage for stand-alone use with no plugin or plumbing required. The water line-connected stations require connection to a standard 3/4” water line and drain line for greywater.

Depending on the model, each station features either a Sloan® SF-2250 or BASYS® EFX-150 battery powered sensor-operated faucet, along with either a Corian® sink deck with a vitreous china undermount sink or a stainless steel deck with a stainless steel drop-in sink.

All five models include a sensor-operated enMotion® paper towel dispenser and a Purell® wall-mounted foam soap dispenser. Additionally, each station is equipped with a 16-gallon greywater tank and select models have a  hot water heater or  two five-gallon water jug holders.

For the latest information on Sloan’s mobile handwashing stations and its commitment to health and wellness, visit Follow Sloan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for additional updates.

Sloan es el principal fabricante mundial de sistemas de plomería comercial y ha estado en operación desde 1906. Con sede en Franklin Park, Illinois, la compañía está a la vanguardia del movimiento de construcción ecológica y brinda soluciones sostenibles para cuartos de baño fabricando productos eficientes en el consumo de agua como válvulas de descarga, llaves electrónicas y sistemas de despachador de jabón, sistemas de lavabos y accesorios de porcelana para aplicaciones comerciales, industriales y mercados institucionales en todo el mundo.

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