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July 17, 2020

The BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucet: Five Clear Steps to Better Hygiene

How long does it take to sing “Happy Birthday” twice?

Everyone has been told they’re supposed to wash their hands for 20 seconds every time they use the restroom—and that one good way to time themselves is to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. But we all know a determined third-grader can sing “Happy Birthday” twice in half that time. Many adults might be tempted to “cheat” as well.

Handwashing is too important to time with a birthday song. That’s why we’ve introduced the BASYS® Guided Handwashing Faucet.

The Faucet that Teaches Proper Handwashing

Proper handwashing technique has always been important, but the COVID-19 crisis has made it a top priority. Now it’s clear to building owners and facility managers worldwide: Clean hands save lives.

To help ensure everyone who uses your restrooms washes their hands properly, the BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucet guides users through the right way to wash their hands. The readout on the BASYS crown gives users clear instructions through the five steps of correct handwashing:

  1. Wet. The readout shows H20, instructing the user to wet their hands.

Wet - Step 1 BASYS Faucet

  1. Lather. The water turns off when the user moves their hands away, and the readout shows SOAP, instructing the user to lather their hands together with soap.

Lather - Step 2 BASYS Faucet

  1. Scrub. While the water remains off, the readout counts down from 20 to 0, so users scrub their hands for at least 20 seconds.

Rinse - Step 3 BASYS Faucet

  1. Rinse. When the user returns their hands to under the faucet, the water comes on and the readout returns to H20.

Rinse - Step 4 BASYS Faucet

  1. Dry. The readout reads PASS, letting the user know they’ve washed their hands properly and may now dry them.

Dry - Step 5 BASYS Faucet

If the user moves their hands back under the faucet and turns on the water before the countdown reaches zero, they will not receive PASS readout.

An Educational Experience for Any User

The BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucet is a fitting tool for schools, as this intelligent faucet can help teach children how to wash their hands.

Yet children aren’t the only people who need a little help counting down 20 seconds. Most adults do, too. That’s why the BASYS is also perfect for:

  • Hospitals, where clinicians, patients, and visitors all run a higher risk of transmitting disease without proper handwashing
  • Airports, where hurried travelers may rush their handwashing and risk spreading germs to others
  • Stadiums, where fans may be too eager to get back to the game to scrub for 20 seconds
  • Restaurants, where diners may ignore correct hygiene because they’re just “freshening up”

Adults and children alike pay attention to the readout on BASYS Faucets, scrubbing their hands for a full 20 seconds so they can earn a PASS. It’s an educational experience and, more importantly, a way to ensure everyone in your building practices thorough hygiene.

Designed for Optimal Hygiene and Watersavings

All BASYS Faucet models can be easily retrofitted for guided handwashing. If you already have BASYS Faucets installed with a standard crown, simply swap the crown for the EXF-4-A crown (material number: 3324120) which is the guided handwashing version.

The ideal situation for the BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucet, however, is when it’s part of the AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System. The matched faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer don’t just look great together—they let users wash, lather, rinse, and dry their hands without moving around the restroom. It’s not only more hygienic, it keeps the restroom cleaner, and water off the floor too.

AER-DEC Integrated Sink

You’ll also be pleased to know that BASYS Faucets are a sustainable choice, with sensors embedded right where the water exits to initiate the flow of water on-demand for optimal hygiene and water-saving benefits. All BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucets are also solar-powered to extend battery life by drawing power from artificial and natural light sources.

Installing BASYS Guided Handwashing Faucets in your facilities educates users in life-saving, germ-stopping hygiene practices, so they can save singing “Happy Birthday” for actual birthday parties.

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