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December 09, 2021

Need Commercial Restroom Training Resources? Discover the New Sloan Training Center

Most people have no idea how much training, skill, and information it takes to build and maintain a commercial restroom. But you know differently if you’re an architect, designer, engineer, plumber, facility manager, or contractor. You know that every square inch of a restroom is the result of multiple decisions, volumes of data, and deep know-how. You could fill a library with the knowledge it takes to build and maintain a commercial restroom.

In fact, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’re proud to introduce the Sloan Training Centera new online platform where you can access our complete archive of educational and professional training courses—24/7, all year long, at no cost.

Browsing the Training Center

When you open the Training Center dashboard page, you’ll see two buttons. The first one, the Course Catalog, is the one you’ll want to dive into right away.

Why? It’s simply the deepest, broadest, most comprehensive library of commercial restroom learning resources you’ll find anywhere.

Drill down, and you’ll find seven categories. Five of them are product-specific:

  • Flushometers
  • Fixtures
  • Faucets, Soap Dispensers, and Hand Dryers
  • Sinks
  • Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) Products

There’s also a General Subjects category, and a link to our CEU courses, covering a diverse range of topics from sensor technology and product transparencies to maximizing water efficiency.

Overall, there are dozens of resources available. But the Sloan Training Center is much more than just a repository.

Find the Resources You Need Most

If you look more closely at each of the category pages, you’ll see a Filters column on the left. These filters give you two ways to identify the resources in that section best aligned with your needs:

  • Training Track: Filter by your role in commercial restroom creation and management—from Architects and Designers to Sales and Distribution to Technical.
  • Level of Difficulty: Choose Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced level resources.

These filters help you zero in on the resources that can help you immediately. Want help selecting a touch-free faucet for a new restroom design? Open the Faucets, Soap Dispensers, and Hand Dryers category, and click the Architect and Designer track.

Helping a new technician learn faucet maintenance? Click the Introductory level.

With everyone’s time at a premium, these filters help you use your learning time most effectively.

Keep Track of What You’ve Learned

If you’re like many people, you won’t be looking to just watch a single video or take a single course. You want to invest your time in a series of resources to gain a deep reserve of knowledge on subjects that help you do your job better.

Depending on what you do and where you work, this time investment may even be a job requirement, or a way to secure a promotion.

That’s why the Sloan Training Center automatically keeps track of what you've learned. On the homepage, you can click the Learning History button to see a full record of all the resources you’ve viewed. You can also download this list to share with others in your organization.

And as a final bonus, for every training you complete you’ll earn “Chuck’s Bucks”—named in honor of Sloan Senior Executive Chairman Charles Allen—to spend on merchandise and memorabilia in Sloan’s online store.

Graham Allen, Sloan co-president and CEO, says “The Sloan Training Center is a new and efficient resource for individuals across the world to access training at a time that’s most convenient for them and through a platform with which they’re comfortable.”

Check it out today!

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