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May 06, 2019

Our New Sustainability Calculator Makes Commercial Restroom Certifications Easy

Eco-related credits and certification programs are vital and well worthwhile for architects, designers and engineers. But they sure aren’t easy as particular programs can be challenging to understand and differentiate.

Navigating the complex ecosystem of commercial plumbing and building codes is challenging enough. Add in environmental concerns — such as LEED point calculations, Materials and Resources (M&R) credits, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and all the documentation gathering they require — and your job gets even more complicated.

That's why Sloan has developed a new online sustainability calculator with expanded tools to decipher the environmental impact for most of our flushometers, faucets and fixtures. Voilà.

These tools are a super-helpful resource to help get you the eco- and sustainable-related credits you deserve.

The New Sloan Sustainability Calculator Adds up the Water Savings

Take the guesswork out of your 'gallons-saved' math. Our Sloan Sustainability Calculator tabulates your daily/annual savings to help you determine the right thresholds you need for achieving LEED points. Just enter a few simple inputs:

1. Select your sustainable Sloan product

                                    Select Sustainable Sloan Restroom Product

Our drop-down menu makes it easy to select the product type, name and water usage rating for the Sloan product you're using or considering.
2. Enter your anticipated usage, or use our helpful defaults      

                                 Calculate Restrrom Product Usage
This is where you’ll enter your water utility costs and expected restroom traffic information.              

3. See where you stand                                      Sustainable Restroom Product Savings

Here comes the fun part (as long as your idea of fun is a hassle-free, customized data set to check your sustainability thresholds). Easily compare your commercial restroom's water stats to the LEED baseline, see potential LEED points you’ll earn, and get an annualized look at gallons of water saved and dollars you could save each year. Boom.             

Just How Green Are Your Sloan products? Our Green Product Finder Tells You

This handy, scroll-or-sort Green Product Finder spells out the potential certifications and relevant credits for each of our sustainable Sloan products. In other words, it's equal parts inspiration, motivation and a time-saving shortcut to see exactly which compliance standards each product satisfies.

Green Product Finder          
Select from any of Sloan's sustainable products from the dropdown menu, or enter a keyword in the live search box to modify your results. Each product page shows you which green certifications, credits and ratings apply — from CalGreen and LEED to UPC, WaterSense, BREEAM, Green Globes and more.

The Big Picture: The Sloan Sustainable Product Chart

Like to save time and see everything at once? Who doesn't? Our comprehensive Sustainable Product Chart gives you the all-in-one view of the potential credits associated with a vast range of Sloan flushometers, fixtures, faucets, combos and more.

With more sustainable products per category than any other manufacturer, it's basically the Magna Carta for sustainable commercial restroom design.

Here's just a small portion of what you'll see.

            Sloan Sustainable Product Chart

This scrollable, interactive chart highlights every sustainable product by category — cross-indexed with 16 environmental metrics and standards — so you can quickly, evaluate the best products for your project.

      Here's Some of What You'll Find:

All Our 2019 Transparency And Carbon Neutral Initiatives Are in One Brochure
Our latest downloadable Sustainability Brochure gives you added insights, market perspective and visibility into Sloan's broad-based initiatives — starting at our own headquarters, where our goal is to create a zero-landfill facility by 2022.

                                    Sloan Sustainability Restroom Products Brochure

Pursuing LEED and other sustainability certifications for your commercial restrooms can improve tax incentives, reduce operating costs, increase property value and lead to a healthier, green environment for the lives of people who spend time inside it. Put our tools and resources to work for you any time. Visit for water sustainability at your fingertips.

Making water efficiency a reality requires the right information, tools and products—and it's what we're all about. Want to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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