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March 29, 2019

Touchless Restrooms—An Essential Part of the Upper Canada Mall Experience

You may have read recently about hard times for brick-and-mortar retailers. Seems like nobody told the Upper Canada Mall.

Located in Newmarket, Ontario — about 25 miles north of Toronto — the Upper Canada Mall just keeps growing. It welcomes more than 7 million guests each year to 250 stores with nearly 1 million square feet of shopping and dining experience.

What keeps drawing so many people to a distant mega-mall when they can buy almost anything they want online? Well, shopping in real life at real stores offers one benefit you can never get with online shopping: You get to see, touch, feel and even try on the merchandise.

A sensory adventure is a very important part of the retail experience. But while you may want to touch lots of things in beautiful upscale stores, when you visit the restroom you want to touch as little as possible. That’s why when the Upper Canada Mall asked Sloan to help with its recent renovation, we helped to execute a commercial restroom design that’s as touchless as possible.

Hands-free Toilets and Urinals

Every day, 20,000 people use the restrooms at the Upper Canada Mall. Aren’t you glad you can flush without touching anything?

Throughout its renovated restrooms, the mall specified two types of Sloan concealed touchless flushometers: Sloan Royal® 152-1.28 ESS SWB flushometers for its water closets and Sloan Royal® 195-0.5 ESS SWB flushometers for its urinals. With both flushometer models hidden behind stainless steel wall plates, the remodeled restrooms offer a sophisticated, sleek look while maximizing floor space.

Automatic flushometers are, naturally, more hygienic than manual models. Plus, by making sure every toilet and urinal flushes after every use, they keep the restrooms cleaner for the next hygiene-conscious shopper.

An Advanced and Streamlined Sink System

Once they’ve used the water closets and urinals, Upper Canada Mall shoppers continue their hands-free experience at the industry’s most complete, most advanced sinks.

The Sloan AER-DEC® integrated sink system combines a touchless faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer into one sink basin so shoppers can thoroughly wash, rinse and dry their hands without walking across the restroom—with hands dripping—to the hand dryer.

To complement the advanced look of the AER-DEC sink basins, Upper Canada Mall specified sleek, touchless Sloan BASYS® EFX-250 faucets, along with matching soap dispensers and hand dryers. The combination helps the entire restroom design match the stylish upscale flair of the mall’s overall shopping experience.

But here’s the key takeaway: From the moment shoppers enter the restrooms to the moment they leave, the only things they have to touch with their hands are toilet paper, soap, clean water and warm air.

A touchless restroom experience is part of the magic “touch” that keeps Upper Canada Mall growing.

Talk to Sloan to find the perfect balance of style, water savings, and hygiene for your next retail restroom project.

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