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安装在 SF 的 DPR Construction(DPR 建筑公司)的 AER-DEC® 产品

加利福尼亚州 · 旧金山市

DPR 建筑公司

DPR 建筑公司采用了清一色的 Sloan® 产品,提供了一套完整的洗手间体验设备。
DPR Construction (DPR) is one of the world’s leading general contractors. DPR serves customers nationally and internationally through regional offices around the country. Ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997, DPR is a national commercial contractor and construction manager that grows by delivering value to their customers.

The Challenge
DPR was doing a makeover of their corporate offices in San Francisco, California. DPR commonly uses their washroom spaces as test labs for future installs and wanted to create a full washroom experience using only Sloan® products. The facility wanted the most current line products to be highlighted in their Net Zero Energy (NZE) space.

The Solution
Ted van der Linden, Director of Sustainability for DPR, saw the Beta version of the AER-DEC® Integrated Sink at Greenbuild and immediately thought the product was going to be a hit. He decided that AER-DEC would be a perfect solution to the space and allow DPR to test the AER-DEC sink while also creating a functional and clean design for their washroom needs.

The Results
DPR installed four AER-DEC units in their offices. Two units were installed as part of a new washroom design and two were added in an existing washroom. After a smooth install van der Linden said, “These are super sleek, clean, and make great use of product. I liked the custom-nature of the design”. Silestone® Blanco Maple was chosen as the finish for both basins to keep a clean look throughout both spaces.

According to van der Linden the product reviews have been great, with the aesthetics of the product matching its functionality for the end user. The unit also has lived up to its billing for being efficient, reducing water waste and saving on electricity costs. van der Linden said “I believe the AER-DEC will be a hit and it will be a productive tool on the market with its benefits to owners, designers, and end users alike”.



AER-DEC® 1 人位挂墙式水槽


AER-DEC® 2 人位挂墙式水槽


AER-DEC® 3 人位挂墙式水槽


AER-DEC® 4 人位挂墙式水槽

我相信 AER-DEC 将会成为一款热销产品,成为洁具市场上的一把利器,为业主、设计师和终端用户带来利好。

Ted van der Linden

DPR 可持续发展总监