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GEERF & ESSERF Guide for COVID-19 Relief Funding for Elementary and Secondary Schools

2020, 年 12 月 27, 日通过的 2021 年综合拨款法案 (Consolidated Appropriations Act,2021, CAA) 为教育稳定基金 (Education Stabilization Fund) 提供的新 COVID-19 救助资金额外拨款 818.8 亿美元 ($81.88 billion)。 几个月之后,2021, 年 3 月 11, 日通过了美国救援计划法案 (American Rescue Plan Act),额外提供了 1227.7 亿美元 ($122.77 billion) 的资金。 该资金继续分配给两种类型的拨款计划,包括中小学救助资金(ESSER 或 ESSERF)和州长紧急教育救助资金(GEER 或 GEERF)。

GEERF is to be allocated at the discretion of the Governor, with preference given to those Local Education Agencies (LEAs) most in need. ESSERF is to be allocated pursuant to the same formula/percentages currently used to allocate Title I Funds. Learn how to apply for financial assistance with this guide.