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Sloan Bluetooth Connected Restroom Products

August 26, 2021

Workers Hard to Find? Connected Faucets and Flushometers are Labor-saving Devices.

Did you hear about the acclaimed Chicago restaurant that closed indefinitely because they couldn’t find enough workers? Or the signing bonuses many businesses are offering to shore up their staff shortages?

One strange aftereffect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that employers in many sectors now have extreme difficulty finding and keeping employees for critical jobs. This labor shortage means current employees often have to do more, while having less time to do it—and their employers need ways to reduce their workload without reducing their productivity.

If your business involves managing a large public facility, your restroom fixtures could actually be part of the solution.

Sloan’s connected faucets and flushometers can save your facility staff so much time—on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting—that they are true labor-saving devices. Here’s a closer look.

How Do Sloan Connected Products Work?

Many of Sloan’s most popular faucets and flushometers use Bluetooth connectivity and advanced technology to make managing usage and tracking easy. The Sloan Connect App® lets you adjust and configure your faucets and flushometers from your smartphone, so you can wirelessly monitor the health and status of your fixtures, easily generate and share diagnostic reports, quickly access product technical data, and more.

Sloan Connect App
The Bluetooth connectivity of the Sloan Connect App® lets you adjust and configure your faucets and flushometers from your smartphone.

Thousands of facilities worldwide—from office buildings and schools to airports and entertainment venues—use these products to lower costs, boost water efficiency, and perform preventative maintenance before issues arise. These days, in addition to these benefits, Sloan connected products are also serving as labor-saving devices.

Installation: Change All Your Settings at Once

Installing new faucets or flushometers is time-consuming, but if they’re Sloan connected products, your teams can save hours of time customizing settings. Instead of making those adjustments one faucet or flushometer at a time, you can apply them to all the like fixtures in one restroom or more, or to a single flushometer, right from your smartphone.

And you can save even more time making adjustments down the line. For example, say you change to a denser soap, and you’d like to let your faucets run two seconds after the user pulls their hands away to avoid clogs. With standard faucets, you might have to close each restroom for two hours to unlock all the cabinets and make every adjustment manually.

Sloan Connect App 2
How much time might you save by adjusting all the faucets in a single restroom at the same time?

With Sloan connected faucets, you can adjust all the faucets in a single restroom at the same time. Multiply that by every restroom in an airport, and how much time does that save your maintenance crew?

Maintenance: Only Replace the Batteries That Need Replacing

How much time does your team spend changing batteries in sensor faucets and flushometers? How many of those batteries actually need to be replaced?

No facility wants dead batteries putting a faucet or flushometer out of service at peak hours, so many simply replace batteries on a continuous cadence. A stadium, for instance, might routinely replace all its flushometer batteries before the first game of the season, then again at mid-season. It’s time-consuming and expensive, but it keeps the urinals and water closets flushing.

Sloan Connect App

Sloan connected flushometers eliminate this exercise. Built-in sensors keep you informed on the battery life of every flushometer, so you can replace only the batteries that are low on game day without wasting time or resources replacing the ones that still have plenty of juice.

Sloan Connect also keeps you abreast of hours of service, activations, and many other critical preventive maintenance data points. Your facility management teams will only spend time on the maintenance that’s needed and will avoid wasting time on unnecessary work.

Troubleshooting: Know What’s Wrong Instantly

When a touch-free faucet or flushometer isn’t working, it’s often difficult to diagnose the problem. It could just be the batteries. Or it could be the sensor or valve itself. But how much time (and cost) get wasted when this cause is misdiagnosed?

That won’t happen with Sloan connected products and the Sloan Connect app, because they let you access real-time technical data and share diagnostic reports for swift, easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

Sloan Connect App 3

Instead of shutting the water off, loosening the security screws, and examining the flushometer—you can simply perform the diagnostics on your smartphone. And if work needs to be done, you know exactly what tools you’ll need and what you need do.

No guesswork. No wasted time. No unnecessary labor.

When good workers are hard to find, connected faucets and flushometers from Sloan can be the labor-saving devices you need to make sure the workers you have are as efficient and productive as possible.

Want to see how much time and labor Sloan connected products can save your facility? Contact Sloan!

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