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November 01, 2019

7 Halloween Nightmares for Commercial Restroom Architects and Designers

It’s Halloween. People in offices everywhere are wearing silly costumes and sneaking candy at their desks. (Well, we are, anyway.) And they’ll probably go home to watch a scary movie and pretend to be scared at all the kids in their costumes.

But architects, designers, and engineers have real fearsespecially when it comes to designing commercial restrooms.

Commercial Restroom Nightmares

Want to give them nightmares? Show up on Halloween dressed as one of these!

1. Unmatched faucets and soap dispensers

Designers work hard to design sink areas that combine visual impact with utility, but a sink with mismatched faucets and soap dispensers looks like a monster with two different faces stitched together. That’s why Sloan offers seven soap dispenser models that pair perfectly with our most popular faucet designs.

2. Small restroom footprints

Building plans sometimes leave architects with minimal space for restrooms that have to serve lots of people. They can lose sleep picturing creepy, cell-like facilities—or they can take advantage of techniques for making the most of tight restroom footprints, including stylish concealed flushometers and sleek, trough-style sinks.

3. The place under the sink

If you think it’s scary under your restroom sink, imagine you’re a plumber who has to crawl under dozens of them for routine maintenance and simple adjustments. We designed our new line of Optima® faucets with wireless adjustments and a time-saving control box to eliminate that recurring nightmare.

4. Paper towel mess

Anyone who cares about aesthetics doesn’t want to see wadded paper towels on the floor or spilling out of the garbage can. For a designer, it can look like zombie aftermath. Hand dryers are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than paper towels, and every bit as safe and hygienic. That’s why we stock the most popular models.

5. Drips on the floor

Hundreds of people washing their hands and then walking across the restroom to the hand dryers can leave a mess of water drips on the floor that can look like the slime trail of a swamp monster. Architects can eliminate that mess with the AER-DEC® sink system, which combines a soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and sink basin into one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system.

6. Germs

Anyone who’s seen Contagion or 28 Days Later should be scared of germs, but if they happen to design commercial restrooms, they’re likely to be absolutely terrified. That’s one reason we make only touchless, sensor-operated faucets—because the parts of manual faucets that people touch can become a breeding ground for psychotic, rage-inducing pathogens (and normal germs, too).

7. Water shortages

There are no horror movies about water shortages—maybe because the reality is scary enough. Fresh water is the world’s most valuable natural resource, and too many places have too little of it. That’s why we’ve made water-saving technology a priority—so architects, designers, and engineers can work to make sure water shortages are a nightmare that never comes true. 

Happy Halloween!

Want sensible, stylish water-saving solutions for your next commercial restroom design? Talk to Sloan!

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