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June 04, 2020

Explore Our Complete Library of Free Training Webinars for Commercial Restrooms

Commercial architects, designers, and engineers know that for a building or facility to be successful, materials are important—but knowledge and expertise matter far more.

That’s especially true when it comes to commercial restrooms. How do you create and maintain a restroom environment that’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and convenient for users, hygienic and safe, easy to maintain, and energy- and water-efficient? You have to specify the right fixtures, of course, but your knowledge and expertise are even more critical.

That’s why we’ve created a complete library of training webinars. These free sessions feature Sloan experts from every part of the organization and typically run about 30 minutes. And we host a new one every week.

Here’s a look at some essential upcoming webinars, as well as past webinars (with enhanced features) you can watch on-demand.

Upcoming Webinars: Essential for Upgrading to Touch-Free Restrooms

The coronavirus pandemic has made people more aware than ever about the importance of hygiene—and hands-free commercial restroom fixtures can be  much more hygienic than manually-activated products.

Many facility managers realize that, with facilities closed, now is the ideal time to retrofit with touch-free flushometers and upgrade to touch-free sensor faucetssoap dispensers, and hand dryers. Our next few webinars are essential viewing for anyone considering such upgrades:

  • June 11: Introduction to Sloan Touch-free Soap Dispensers. Improve both hygiene and aesthetics with touch-free Sloan soap dispensers that match many of our most popular faucet designs. Learn about the many options available in this session with Morgan Butts, Senior Product Line Manager for Faucets, Soap Dispensers, and Hand Dryers, and Kim Darke-Miller, Strategic Account Manager.
  • June 18: Sloan Sensor 101: Installation, Start-Up, Function, and Troubleshooting. What do those blinking restroom lights mean? Sloan touch-free faucets, flushometers, soap dispensers, and hand dryers communicate their status round the clock. Learn all about Sloan sensors from Jerry Mielnikiewicz, Field Technical Service Rep, and John Lauer, Regional Sales Director.
  • June 25: Commercial Restroom Products and ADA Compliance. You've probably heard the phrase "ADA-compliant" many times, but what does that really mean in the context of the commercial restroom? Learn about the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on your facility restrooms in this training session.

Also mark your calendar for:

Past Training Webinars—An Enhanced Experience

Rather than simply post our past webinars online, we’ve added features that make them an even more enriching educational experience. With each previously recorded webinar, you can:

  • Watch the webinar recording
  • Download the presentation slides
  • Download the Q&A Summary

These features let you store and access the critical information in each webinar to use as resources when planning your next commercial restroom design. Many people have told us they enjoy watching the webinars live, then return to these resources as valuable references.

Here are some recent webinars you may want to check out:

We’ve created the industry’s most complete library of free training webinars to give you access to the knowledge and expertise you need to make your restrooms the best they can be. Feel free to watch and learn—anytime, anywhere!

Sloan helps architects, designers, engineers, and building owners build commercial restrooms to the highest standards of hygiene. Like to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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