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July 10, 2020

Major Facilities: Take Control of Every Drop with Programmed Water Technologies

When you’re in charge of operations for a major facility such as a hospital, school, sports venue, or prison, there are many things that you simply cannot control—and a few things you can.

Your facility’s water system is one of those things you can control—and Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) from Sloan gives you the most advanced control available.

PWT lets you take control of every drop of water that flows in and through your facility’s restrooms. Our smart, scalable water management products offer tamper-proof hardware, backed by the latest advances in plumbing software, and help you:

  • Reduce water usage by seeing and controlling every ounce of water that flows through your facility
  • Reduce costs by adjusting water usage for every fixture to lower water and sewer bills
  • Reduce risk with products designed to prevent vandalism and tampering

Here’s a look at the control PWT gives you over your water system—and the differences that control makes possible.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Restroom Water System

While Sloan offers PWT as a modular, flexible system, let’s start with the most extensive configuration available: Complete Restroom Control.

Complete Restroom Control, as the name implies, lets you manage every aspect of your restroom water system while preventing unwanted tampering. Its user-friendly management console interface gives you real-time visibility into every fixture and the data to keep them running.

With Complete Restroom Control, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your facility. The console gives you control over a wide array of variables, including shower length, number of toilet activations, and hourly limits on flushometer activations.
  • Track system alerts. Prevent vandalism and misuse with real-time alerts, and deploy localized valve closures at the touch of a button if issues arise that require shutting off the water.
  • View and create reports. Refine how your facility interacts with your fixtures—and get ahead of long-term usage issues before they become expensive—with granular data and comprehensive reports.

You can also spec each Complete Restroom Control product individually, from electronically-operated flushometers to buttons, manifolds, solenoids, and transformers.

A Flexible System for the Most Inflexible Environments

The needs of your facility may not call for Complete Restroom Control. That’s why PWT offers a modular, flexible system that gives you the control you need over even the most inflexible environments.

There are two additional PWT configurations:

  • Toilet Control, a basic set-up that helps you save maintenance time and cut costs.
  • Shower System Control, a more advanced system for regulating water pressure, temperature, and shower length across every showerhead in your system.

These configurations are designed to be independent of your other building automation systems, so you can easily integrate them into both new and existing projects. And you can also spec individual components, as needed.

Settings Where Complete Control Matters

PWT makes sense in any facility where you need complete control over restroom water supply stressed by crowds and conditions:

  • Prisons and Correctional Facilities. Tamper-resistant designs prevent misuse, and prisons that have implemented a PWT solution have seen up to 35% water savings.
  • Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and behavioral health facilities. Regulate water usage and temperatures while you preempt repairs, malfunctions, and vandalism.
  • Schools and gyms. Stop running taps and unnecessary flushes with smart, durable, highly efficient fixtures.
  • Sports and recreational facilities. Give users a high-end experience while you save water and catch maintenance issues early.

Take control of your facility’s water system! Ask Sloan how a Programmed Water Technologies (PWT) system can help you reduce risk, cost, and water usage.

Sloan helps facility managers and building owners manage commercial restrooms to the highest standards of hygiene, durability and efficiency. Like to know more? Talk to Sloan!

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