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Gravity Toilets Brochure

July 27, 2022

Sloan’s New Gravity Toilet Offers a One-two Punch of “Cool”

When’s the last time someone called one of your toilets “cool”?

After all, most people take water closets for granted. Styles and functions haven’t changed much over the decades, and—let’s face it—people using a toilet typically have their own needs in mind first and foremost.

That’s why you might be surprised at the reactions you get when you install Sloan’s new Gravity Toilet, because it offers a one-two punch of “cool.”

  1. It has a strikingly different look.
  2. It works like no other toilet you’ve ever seen.

These differences aren’t just visual, either—they also make the Gravity Toilet easier to install, easier to keep clean, and easier on your water bill.

Sleek, Slim, and Attention-Grabbing

The first thing you notice when you see the Gravity Toilet is the tank design. Most toilet tanks taper down up—that is, they’re wider on top than they are at the bottom. And most have a lid that overhangs the tank, like the lid on an old shoebox.

The Gravity Toilet is different. It tapers down, so it’s narrower at the top. And its lid fits snugly on the tank with no overhang, more like the lid of an expensive keepsake box.

Sloan Gravity Toilet

The look is sleek, slim, and attention-grabbing. If your restrooms feature contemporary design with bold colors, the Gravity Toilet will dazzle. And if your restrooms have a more traditional look, the Gravity Toilet still makes a strong impact.

The advantage is more than aesthetic, however. Its two-piece design makes maneuvering parts easier for maintenance, and its raised deck eliminates rocking and makes it easier to clean.

Centriflo™ Delivers a Cyclone of Clean

Traditional water closets introduce water into the bowl through small holes under the rim. Those rim holes are invisible to people using the toilet, but anyone who cleans toilets knows they’re there. Why? Because they tend to collect germs and bacteria, not to mention minerals and lime.

Sloan’s new Gravity Toilet offers up a whole new approach. Our new dual-delivery Centriflo technology sends a surge of water into the bowl, creating a vigorous cyclone that clears and cleans the bowl with every flush.

Gravity Toilet bowl centriflo flush closeup

This powerful flush eliminates any clogging from minerals or lime and minimizes bacteria that can grow in conventional rim holes. Add SloanTec® Hydrophobic Glaze, an optional liquid-repelling glaze that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other germs, and you make it much easier to keep the bowl clean and hygienic.

Plus, you can’t watch the Gravity Toilet flush without saying, “Cool!”

Ideal for Any Light-to-Medium-Traffic Restroom

Where are the best places for our new Gravity Toilet? It’s ideal for virtually any light-to-medium-traffic restroom:

  • Commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, retail stores, and places of worship
  • Hospitality environments such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, and hotel rooms
  • Educational facilities—including schools, preschools, daycares, and more—where enhanced hygiene is essential
  • Healthcare settings, including medical, outpatient and assisted living facilities, and retirement villages
  • Multi-family housing units where sleek design can make an impression on new renters and buyers

No matter where you install Sloan Gravity Toilets, they’ll save water. In addition to the standard 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf), they’re available in 1.28 and 1.1 gpf volumes that meet WaterSense and other sustainability regulations.

They also come in both standard and ADA compliant models, as well as BAA models when SloanTec is specified.

In other words, they meet every requirement for installation in any number of environments. And they deliver more “cool” than any other toilet.

You just can’t defy Gravity!

Want to learn more about the Sloan Gravity Toilet and other Sloan commercial restroom innovations? Contact Sloan!

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