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December 23, 2020

5 Things We Can’t Wait to Get Back to in 2021

Isn’t everyone glad 2020 is almost over?

We’ve never endured a year like this. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every person and every business. It forced a lot of changes in our industry, so we’re doing our best to help our customers improve their restrooms and move forward.

In other words … bring on 2021!

With the holidays here, we’ve compiled a list of things we’d love to see get back to normal in 2021—and how Sloan is helping make them happen.

1. Celebrating with our families

Millions of Americans are celebrating the holidays this year in small groups or total isolation. Millions more skipped birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Social distancing helps slow the spread of disease, but it sure takes a lot of joy out of life.

Getting everyone vaccinated is the fastest way we’ll get back to normal. That’s why Sloan strongly supports the Immunization Action Coalition, which produces reliable educational materials for healthcare professionals and the public to enhance the delivery of safe immunizations.

2. Dining out

In many parts of the country, restaurants’ indoor dining rooms have been closed or severely limited. We love take-out as much as anyone, but there’s nothing like enjoying a delicious meal with full table service.

That’s why Sloan supports the Independent Restaurant Coalition in its efforts to save small restaurants and bars affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent economic shutdown.

We’re also a leading supplier of restroom products for restaurants. When they reopen, we’ll be ready to help give their guests the safe hygienic experience they demand.

3. Meetings in the same room

Had it with virtual meetings? Same here. We can’t wait until we can all return to the office and see our co-workers!

As workers return, facilities are realizing the importance of a touch-free restroom experience for optimal hygiene. Sloan invented sensor-operated restroom fixtures, and thousands of facilities are now upgrading their restrooms to include Sloan touch-free faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flushometers.

4. Live sports and entertainment

While many venues are open to reduced crowds, we miss the thrills of cheering shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of fans and dancing in a packed nightclub.

Those experiences may not come back until almost everyone has been vaccinated. But when they do, we’re ready to help create entertainment and sports venue restrooms that combine style and sustainability with hygienic best practices. And Sloan’s new Mobile Handwashing Stations are bringing hand hygiene beyond the restroom. Ideal for sports and entertainment venues to  place anywhere in the building.

5. Kids going back to school

Our teachers have done a phenomenal job of helping kids learn remotely, but kids miss the friendships and activities they enjoy when they’re physically at school.

Our innovative BASYS® Guided Handwashing Faucet will help keep kids healthy at school by guiding them through the five steps of correct handwashing. (It’s also perfect for hospitals, restaurants, airports, and sports venues.)

Recovering from the pandemic and getting our lives back to normal is going to require extra effort from every industry, everywhere. We’re proud to be doing our part—making commercial restrooms a more hygienic experience for everyone. 

Let’s make 2021 all about improving the hygiene of our commercial restrooms. Need ideas? Talk to Sloan!

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