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December 31, 2020

Commercial Restroom Hygiene is the Top Theme in Our 2020 Top 10

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that restroom hygiene was top of mind for many commercial architects, designers, and engineers along with facility owners and managers. Naturally, many of our most popular blog posts this year addressed retrofits for manual to sensor upgrades, CDC recommended handwashing, and advanced technology that makes restrooms more hygienic.

2020 wasn’t all about germs, however—readers also enjoyed posts about commercial restroom style, the Internet of Things, and gender-inclusive restrooms. Revisit our top blog posts of the year and let us know which are your favorites.

  1. Ten Reasons to Upgrade Restrooms with Retrofit Flushometers—Now. Widespread quarantines gave commercial facility managers the opportunity to upgrade their restrooms with minimal disruption. This post detailed how retrofit flushometers improve the hygiene in any commercial restroom while saving water, time, and money
  2. Infographic: Commercial Restroom Design Trends. Restrooms have become a showcase for attention-grabbing design in offices, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and even government buildings. This infographic featured four trends setting new standards in commercial restroom design.
  3. Harness the IoT with Our New Restroom of the Future CEU. With many commercial architects and designers enthusiastically embracing digital transformation, technological advancements are changing the way commercial restrooms are designed. This post introduced our popular continuing education course.
  4. CuVerro® Flushometer Handles: Hygiene Where It Matters Most. Published before the pandemic, this story about our new flushometer handles—made with CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper that actually inhibits the growth of germs—surged in popularity once COVID-19 started making headlines.
  5. Gender Inclusive Restrooms—When They Make Sense, and How to Do Them Right. Recent social developments regarding gender norms have made gender inclusive restrooms a more likely consideration for commercial building owners, architects, and designers. This post examined the pros and cons of gender-inclusive restrooms and provided guidelines for designing them.

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