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September 16, 2021

3 Steps to Simplify Your Commercial Restroom Design Process

Many architects and designers embrace simplicity as a design principle. A clean, uncluttered approach creates spaces that are pleasant to look at and comfortable to use.

At Sloan, we believe simplicity should be a principle of your design process, too. Why shouldn’t it be simple to organize your ideas, assemble proposals, and share them with others?

That’s why we’ve created three advanced tools to assist with commercial restroom design:

Individually or combined, these three tools can simplify your restroom design process, making it easier to identify the fixtures you want and create a finished spec submittal package. Here’s how they all come together in a three-step process that’s fast, rich in data, and, well, simple.

Use the Faucet Finder to Search for the Form and Functionality You Want

Sloan’s Faucet Finder is a fast, super-intuitive search tool that lets you pinpoint the perfect touch-free faucet for your next project, based on anything from spout design to list price.

It’s an intuitive tool, and you can just dive right in and start searching based on what’s most important to your commercial restroom vision:

  • Aesthetics: Choose the spout design you prefer—from our BASYS® line to our Optima® faucets and our Sloan® line—as well as the finish you want, including brushed nickel, polished brass, graphite, brushed stainless, and polished chrome.
  • Optimized water management and maintenance: Are water savings and easy maintenance priorities? Search for smart faucets that work with the Sloan Connect App®, which puts faucet settings and data monitoring at facility management’s fingertips via Bluetooth.
  • Power source: How you power your faucets can impact infrastructure design and maintenance schedules, which is why we offer faucets powered via  hardwired, batteries, solar, or even turbine power.
  • Flow rate and spray type: Is sustainability a priority? Flow rate is a key consideration. You can also narrow your search by spray type and mixer.
  • Trim plate and mounting type: Sometimes your first consideration may be where and how you’ll be mounting your faucets, so you can start your search here.

Once you’ve found your ideal faucet, you can download a spec sheet with a single mouse click— and upload all the relevant information into Sloan DesignSpec to create a finished spec submittal package.

Flushometer Finder Screens for Water Savings, Style, and More

Sloan’s Flushometer Finder is a fast, intuitive search tool that lets you pinpoint your ideal flushometer from our selection of thousands.

What’s your highest priority? Flush volume? Activation mode? Power source? Finish? There are actually 12 factors you can use to sort and select flushometers for your next project:

  • Fixture Type: Which fixture will the flushometer connect to: water closet, urinal, or service sink?
  • Flush Volume: Chose from 16 available flush volumes for urinals, water closets, and service sinks.
  • Activation: Generally, a choice between manual and sensor.
  • Power: Choose battery-powered, hardwired, battery with a hardwired option, or solar.
  • Installation: Concealed or exposed?
  • Fixture Connection: Top spud or rear spud?
  • Fixture Mount: Will your water closet be floor- or wall-mounted?
  • Valve: Diaphragm or piston?
  • Finish: We suspect designers may start here, selecting from polished chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, brushed stainless, or graphite finishes.
  • Specialty: If your restroom has special requirements, we have your flushometer.
  • Product Line: Select from one of our 13 product lines.
  • Compliances: Sloan flushometers meet 24 different categories of compliance, from ADA to LEED to WaterSense.
  • Smart flushometers that work with the Sloan Connect App®.

Found your ideal flushometer? Download a spec sheet with a single mouse click—and upload all the relevant information into Sloan DesignSpec to create a finished spec submittal package.

Make spec submittal a polished presentation with DesignSpec

Once you’ve selected the right products for your commercial restroom vision—not just faucets and flushometers, but sinks, urinals, water closets, and moreSloan DesignSpec makes it easy to create a finished spec submittal package that’s not just a checklist, but a polished presentation that showcases your vision.

DesignSpec makes building that presentation simple, intuitive, and fast. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Add your project info and choose a cover image.
  2. Add all the products your project requires, and organize them however you like.
  3. Choose documents to bundle into your project.
  4. Download your packaged DesignSpec including a cover image, spec sheets, and even complete BIMs and CADs—to share, print, or submit.

With DesignSpec, everything you need to get onto your submittal package is right there on your screen.

Combined with Faucet Finder and Flushometer Finder, DesignSpec helps simplify the process of commercial restroom design specification. Three easy steps become one giant stride toward realizing your design vision.

Sloan gives you all the products and tools you need to create stylish, sustainable and hygienic commercial restrooms. Want to learn more? Talk to Sloan!

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