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July 12, 2018

A sustainability leader chooses Sloan for its own headquarters

A.O. Reed & Co., based in San Diego, is Southern California’s leading large mechanical contractor, installing plumbing and HVAC systems for some of the region’s most notable buildings and facilities.

A.O. Reed is also a national leader in sustainable building, completing several major projects certified as LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum that not only conserve resources, but help their owners realize significant energy savings as well.

Considering its status among the nation’s most sustainability-minded contractors, we at Sloan are proud to point out that every A.O. Reed commercial restroom installation features Sloan products. If you read this blog regularly, you know we also place a high priority on sustainability.

Now, our relationship has reached a new level, as A.O. Reed has specified high-efficiency Sloan flushometers, urinals and faucets for its own remodeled restrooms.

A standard for sustainability in Southern California

Southern California might be the region in the United States where sustainability matters most, due to the density and growth of its population and the challenges posed by its natural environment.

That being the case, A.O. Reed is truly the right contractor in the right place at the right time. In addition to the LEED certifications secured for its clients over the years, the firm has won significant recognition of its own:

  • An “Energy Star” award presented by San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Selection by the U.S. Green Building Council to showcase its 2010 Earth Day Fair
  • Recognition as MSCA GreenSTAR Qualified by the U.S. Green Building Council

Its own corporate offices are a model of sustainability, featuring high-efficiency HVAC systems, automated controls, LED lighting and controls, window glazing, low-flow plumbing fixtures, a cool roof and a complete solar energy system.

These features let A.O. Reed produce a remarkable 56% of the energy it uses in-house.

Renovations on two more buildings in the company’s 55,000-square-foot facility reflect a similar commitment to water and energy savings—a commitment Sloan was more than happy to help realize.

Specifying Sloan for hands-free water savings

For five newly built and renovated restrooms in its sheet metal and pipe fabrication facilities, A.O. Reed specified:

  • Sloan Hybrid Urinals with JetRinse® Solution Technology that keeps the urinal and drain line clean, hygienic and odor- and clog-free, despite using only about 100 gallons per year.
  • ECOS® flushometers that deliver up to a 30% reduction in water volume by automatically initiating flushes of 1.1 gpf (for liquid waste) or 1.6 gpf (for solid waste).
  • Optima® EAF-275 solar-powered faucets that deliver an efficient 0.5 gpm, with a 30-second timeout setting to eliminate unnecessary water consumption.

These new components don’t just save water—they help save the energy that would have to be used to deliver additional water. They also help keep employees healthy with touchless designs that inhibit the spread of germs.

These upgrades help the new restrooms live up to the sustainability standards set by A.O. Reed—which are, thanks to the company’s decades-long dedication, among the highest standards anywhere.

Want to know more about Sloan innovations that save building owners billions of gallons of water every year? Talk to Sloan!

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