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September 09, 2021

In Today’s Commercial Restrooms, Wellness and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand

If the last couple of years have taught organizations anything, it’s that your organization’s health is inseparable from the health of your people and the environment.

  • The global pandemic emphasized how crucial it is to make facilities as hygienic as possible for every employee and visitor.
  • Record-setting heat waves and droughts drove home the importance of making environmental sustainability a priority.

Since your facility’s restrooms directly impact both hygiene and sustainability, we recently combined all our wellness and sustainability resources into one, easy-to-navigate section of our website.

We encourage you to browse our new Sustainability and Wellness pages. Here’s a partial list of what you might discover.

Wellness Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic made people everywhere more aware than ever of how diseases spread. Now that many are returning to offices, entertainment venues, airports, retail outlets, and schools, people are hyper-conscious of what they touch and how clean it is—and that awareness may be most acute when they visit the restroom.

In times such as these, we’re happy to share this broad selection of wellness resources.

Faucets that guide people on how to properly wash their hands. A readout on the crown of Sloan’s BASYS® Guided Handwashing Faucet gives users clear instructions through the five steps of correct handwashing.

A closer look at the WELL Building Standard. The WELL Building Standard is a rating system that focuses on improving building occupants’ health and safety—and Sloan products can help your facilities meet this standard and earn certification.

A WELL Building Standard Calculator helps you explore and specify WELL-eligible Sloan products.

A brief history of hygiene, from the Romans and Vikings, through Louis Pasteur’s work with microscopic organisms, to modern soap and hand sanitizer.

Case studies about new and upgraded facilities—such as Chicago’s Fulton East office building and the Pasadena Convention Center—which have upgraded their hygienic standards with Sloan products.

Hand hygiene beyond the restroom, via Sloan innovations like the Sloan Mobile Handwashing Station and the Sloan Mobile Restroom. Sloan Mobile Handwashing Stations are helping people practice hand hygiene beyond the traditional restroom, in places such as hallways, school lunchrooms, office breakrooms. The Sloan Mobile Restroom is extremely helpful in supporting communities affected by natural disasters, emergencies, and other catastrophic incidents like the recent Dixie fire and Hurricane Ida.

Sustainability Resources

Sloan recently became the world’s first general goods manufacturer to achieve certification to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard. Our headquarters in Franklin Park, Illinois demonstrates best practices in the five outcomes of good water stewardship:

  • Good water governance
  • Sustainable water balance
  • Good water quality status
  • Important water-related areas
  • Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for all

We take water savings and environmental sustainability seriously, and we’re proud to offer you these resources:

A sustainability calculator. Want to know how much water you can save by specifying Sloan restroom products? Just fill out a few fields and your savings become as clear as… well, water.

Transparency reports. Our industry-leading offering of third party-verified, cradle-to-grave transparency reports recognizes the impact of many of our most popular high-efficiency products through their entire life-cycles—including resource extraction and processing, product manufacture and assembly, distribution/transport, use and maintenance and end-of-life.

A green product finder. Considering a Sloan faucet, flushometer, or other product for your next restroom upgrade? One click shows you every certification and credit for which that product is eligible.

A product rebate finder. Select the location of your next restroom design on a map, and click through to discover what rebates are available for which restroom products—and how to claim them.

A list of Sloan’s sustainability partnerships. We work with multiple organizations to maximize our global impact, and we encourage you to connect with them as well.

Complete lists and charts of Sloan’s sustainable products. Browse by product type and compliances or scan the chart for credits and certifications.

Find the Resources Most Valuable to You

Yes, we know—it’s a lot! We encourage you to take the time to browse our new Sustainability and Wellness pages to find the resources most valuable to you, or download the brochure for a more concise overview.

Wellness and sustainability go hand-in-hand these days, and you can’t ignore either of them in your restrooms. The solutions you need may be just a click away.

Need more detailed information about making your next commercial restroom as hygienic and sustainable as possible? Contact Sloan!

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