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June 03, 2022

World Environment Day and World Oceans Day 2022: Count Us In

If you’re as strongly committed to the earth’s environmental well-being as we are, the next few days should be exciting.

Sunday, June 5 is World Environment Day. Wednesday, June 8 is World Oceans Day. They’re both important, impactful, and well worth the attention of anyone who prioritizes environmental sustainability.

Here’s a quick look at what you need to know about these two days, and how we’re doing our part at Sloan to protect the environment.

World Environment Day—the Largest Global Platform for Environmental Outreach

World Environment Day is a global platform for inspiring positive change, hosted by a different country each year. This year’s host is Sweden, which is especially fitting since it’s the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference—a landmark event which spurred the formation of environment ministries and agencies around the world.

This year’s event will feature written stories and short videos showcasing Sweden’s pioneering work on the environment over the past 50 years.

It’s also connected to the high-level Stockholm+50 international meeting taking place in Sweden right now. This event aims to accelerate the implementation of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by recognizing the importance of multilateralism in tackling the planet’s challenges with climate, nature, and pollution.

Both events are crucial and ambitious, and we support them wholeheartedly.

World Oceans Day—a Day for Humanity to Celebrate the Ocean

Most water sustainability practices are intended to protect fresh water supplies since fresh water is essential for all life on earth. But oceans are just as essential, which is why we’re so enthusiastic about World Oceans Day.

With “Revitalization” as its core message, this year’s event showcases a number of projects and solutions being explored by governments, the private sector, and intergovernmental organizations to protect and revitalize the ocean and everything it sustains. Highlights include:

  • Sea Sirens—South Florida-based underwater sculptures that act as artificial reefs to spawn the growth of new coral reef systems and marine life.
  • Peace Boat—global educational sea voyages aboard a sustainable ship powered by solar and wind energy for reduced emissions and zero waste.
  • Seaworthy Collective—a community driving regenerative ocean and climate impact via ventures addressing greenhouse gas sequestration, regenerative ocean food sources, and other challenges.

We’re excited by the creativity and dedication these initiatives bring to the critical priority of protecting our oceans.

Our Commitment to Protecting the Global Environment

These important days mean so much to us because we’ve made sustainability a top priority since we invented the first water-saving flushometer in 1906. Today we remain in the forefront of environmental stewardship through both our product offerings and our corporate practices.

For example, our commercial restroom products lead the industry in water-saving technology—from low flush volume flushometers and hybrid and waterless urinals, to reclaimed water flushometers that help facilities recycle grey water to preserve freshwater sources.

We’ve also committed to an unprecedented level of product transparency, with an industry-leading offering of third party-verified, cradle-to-grave transparency reports that recognize the impact of many of our most popular high-efficiency products through their entire life-cycles.

Our carbon offset program protects the environment by purchasing reforestation credits that plant 2.5 trees for every flushometer we produce. And the zero landfill initiative at our Franklin Park, Illinois headquarters will soon divert all our waste materials from landfills in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

If you share our passion for protecting Earth’s environment, we hope you’ll explore World Environment Day and World Oceans Day along with us.

They’re only two days out of the year, but they make enough impact to resonate through all 365.

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