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PWT products feature

Tecnología Programada de Agua

Supervise y administre sin esfuerzo el flujo de agua de sus instalaciones.

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PWT is a smart water management system that configures to your project

Control every facet of your water usage for maximum efficiency across your whole facility.

  • Highly configurable installation to meet any facility requirement
  • Save on water usage across your whole facility
  • Lowers maintenance time and the replacement of parts
  • Limits vandalism and fixture misuse
PWT smart management

Calculate your savings

Find out how much water your facility can save using PWT components with our sustainability calculator.
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PWT software

Visual and intuitive software

The user-friendly PWT Management Console provides access to the status and usage patterns of the fixtures in its network and the data to keep them running. It allows users to review water usage information and product status in real-time.

  • Intuitive user interface that makes maintenance easy
  • See how your fixtures are performing across your whole facility
  • Review real-time status updates and product information

Mission control

The PWT Managment Console includes the hardware and software right out of the box so you can get your facility up and running in no time. The system tracks water usage over time, providing the insights required to adjust settings as needed. A variety of options can be adjusted, including shower lengths or toilet activations within a given time, to optimize your facility’s water usage.

  • Complete PWT Management Console with all the necessary hardware and software
  • Maintain complete control over your devices settings and performance
  • Generate reports and data about your water usage
PWT mission control

PWT Components

Sloan provides the components needed for your water management needs.

From the management software, to the items within the chase, and the buttons that activate them, Sloan products offer a configurable solution of components for any application.