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A Touch-free Future

Touch-free technology helps maximize how long your facility stays clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of disease transmission by promoting contactless use of restroom fixtures.

Person helping child put on a mask

Why go touch-free

As we move into a post-COVID-19 world, minimizing contact in one of the most frequented spaces of any facility is more important than ever—and Sloan’s sensor technology is at the forefront of making it possible.

Cleaner Facilities

Touch-free products minimize users’ contact with surfaces where germs can breed.


Automatic, programmable line flushes prevent stagnant water in pipes.

Lower Costs

Sensor-operated products help reduce water waste and can be programmed to alert maintenance teams when service is needed.


Sensor technologies help you achieve your water-efficiency goals and LEED® objectives.

Touch-free Stories and Resources

Leading the way in touch-free commercial restrooms

Child wearing a mask and a backpack, smiling expression
Following the Science

Move forward before everyone gets back

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Sensor hand dryer in context, public restroom
Commercial Buildings

Designing restrooms for a post-pandemic world

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Retrofit product in context, public restroom
Touch-free Retrofits

Restroom retrofits with touch-free technology

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Coronavirus Relief Stimulus for Touch-free

Use your Coronavirus Relief Stimulus to update to touch-free for hygiene and wellness.

Child raising hand in classroom

ESSER: Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund

Students taking notes in classroom

HEER: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

Touch-free Innovation

See how Sloan promotes wellness with touch-free.

Touch-free Products

Find the sensor products that make sense for you.

Convert from manual to sensor for improved hygiene and increased water efficiency.

Touch-free for Every Market

Specify or update your restroom to sensor-based technology.

Tall commercial building
  • Office

    Touch-free activation of commercial plumbing fixtures to improve hand hygiene.

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  • Construction

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Entertainment

  • Education

Touch-free Resources

Front view of Burns Science and Technology Charter School
Oak Hill, FL

Burns Science and Technology Charter School

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Front view of William R. Nash building
Tamarac, FL

William R. Nash, Inc.

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Aerial angle view of Fulton East builing in Chicago
Chicago, IL

Fulton East

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