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September 17, 2020

Sloan Room Ideas, Collections, and Markets: Design Inspiration Made Easy

Every architect and designer has a few “firsts” in their career. Even when you have lots of experience, new challenges can inspire you to find new and exciting ways to express your vision and expand your portfolio.

Of course, every new project has its own unique circumstances and challenges. That’s why we created Sloan Inspiration—to give you useful tools to streamline the design and specification processes. Spark your creativity with Room Ideas and Markets, enhance your design vision with Collections, and quickly bundle any combination of Sloan products to create your submittal package with DesignSpec.

Room Ideas: Sleek Crafted Rooms Featuring the Latest Design Trends

What if you haven’t designed a restroom for a high-end restaurant? Or a fitness center? You could spend a lot of time on research and exploration to jumpstart the creative process, and then spend even more time hunting down specs to make your vision a reality.

Or, you could visit Sloan Room Ideas, and find the clean floor plans, elegant materials, and modern products you need a few clicks away.

Right now, you can find complete pages dedicated to:

Each page offers inspirational photos, lists of Sloan products that make them possible, and complementary products and materials that make the perfect accents. You’ll also find links to download everything you need—including hi-res images, specification sheets, and BIM/CAD files—and you’ll also be able to create a custom spec submittal with DesignSpec.

Collections: Curated Products for a Cohesive Restroom Aesthetic

Every architect and designer knows the importance of Chicago in modern architecture. It also happens to be our hometown. So when we developed Sloan Collections to showcase complete product solutions in contemporary environments, it was only natural that we name them after famous Chicago streets.

Sloan Collections make your job easier by pulling together Sloan products that have similar aesthetic qualities and making them available in one simple download.

Markets: Sloan Products Built for the Real World

No matter how brilliant a commercial restroom design is, real-world application means taking into account the needs of everyone who will use the restroom.

Those needs change from building to building, and many Sloan products are perfectly designed for specific types of buildings. Our Markets page bring those products together, so you can design restrooms that maximize performance and savings while minimizing upkeep and waste.

In Markets, you’ll find pages devoted to:

These pages don’t just list products you’ll find essential for your restroom design. They also have links to case studies, and some have CEUs on relevant topics, so you can elevate your expertise on the type of building for which you’re designing that restroom.

Inspiration doesn’t come quickly or easily, but if you’re creating commercial restrooms, we can save you some of that time and effort. Sloan Room Ideas, Collections, and Markets give you the resources you need to take on new challenges—and turn that inspiration into reality!

Since 1906, we’ve led the industry with restroom fixtures built to inspire. Want to know more about the durability, style, and sustainability of our products? Talk to Sloan!

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