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Newmarket, ON

Upper Canada Mall

A premier shopping destination in the Greater Toronto Area, Upper Canada Mall is located in one of the fastest growing and most affluent areas of Ontario.
The mall receives over 7 million guests each year and specifically caters to an upscale demographic with stores such as Apple, Sport Chek, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Pandora and more. That’s why, when it came time for the mall’s renovation, the facility required a complete commercial restroom solution that could not only meet the demands of a high-traffic environment but also match the elegant aesthetic associated with the mall’s high-end retailers.

Productos Usados


BASYS® Battery-Powered Deck-Mounted Mid Body


Royal® Concealed Sensor Hardwired Water Closet Flushometer


Royal® Concealed Sensor Hardwired Urinal Flushometer

“We were looking for commercial restroom products that could both match the elegant environment we’ve established across the entire mall, while also being able to withstand heavy use from thousands of shoppers. Sloan products met and exceeded both criteria to create an upscale and sustainable restroom experience.”

Santo Lucia

Operations Supervisor, Upper Canada Mall