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Unified Restroom

A unified solution across the entire restroom

Your single-source partner for a unified restroom experience

Designing, evaluation and specifying commercial restroom products has never been simpler. Sloan’s comprehensive resources and elegant products are elevating design and improving your ability to specify your ideal restroom.

Products for any project

Sloan has been the standard in flushometer innovation for over a century. Today, we’re taking that expertise to products across the entire restroom with sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, urinals, water closets and more. The sum of these products make Sloan your one- stop-shop for commercial restroom specification.

Shown: SloanStone® ELGR-82000 Sink, EAF-250 Faucet, ESD-2000 Soap Dispenser, CX 8198 Sensor Flushometer SU-7419 Designer Urinal and Sloan Optima Air™ Hand Dryer.

Cohesive design

Sloan’s comprehensive lineup of product is designed to work together as one unified collection to leave a lasting restroom impression. With an industry-leading variety of special finish options — from graphite and brushed nickel to brushed stainless and polished brass — Sloan’s finishes set the tone for modern sophistication.

Shown: Designer Series DSVR-84000 Sink, EFX-100 BASYS® Faucet, CX 8198 Sensor Flushometer and SU-7019 Urinal.

Enhanced evaluation

Our extensive resource listing provides you with the information needed to find the right product — right at your fingertips. From product filtering tools to technical downloads and transparency reports, our resources help to simplify your process during what can typically be a rigorous experience.

Sloan’s full range of products is delivering unified design to


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