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New ESD-360 Top-fill Soap Dispenser

The top-fill soap dispenser solution that delivers hassle-free maintenance

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From top to bottom, the easiest soap dispenser experience on the market

Sloan's new top-fill soap dispenser eliminates the hassle of going under the sink deck to refill soap reservoirs.

Work smarter

Reduces labor time and safety concerns

Cut waste

Patented refill bottles are hands-free and refill without the risk of overflow

Everlasting design

All-metal components built to handle higher traffic commercial settings

Go green

Perfect for any project pursuing WELL Standard Certification

Indispensable Foam Soap Dispensing System

Indispensable Foam Soap Dispensing System

Our new ESD-360 Top-fill Soap Dispenser offers an easily refillable system that is the only closed, top-fill soap dispenser on the market.

  • Facility managers and maintenance staff will appreciate staying out from underneath the sink to refill the soap dispenser
  • Patented refill bottle locks into place, allowing for hands-free refills without the risk of overflow and ensures the entire contents of the refill bottle can be used so no soap is wasted
  • Choose the right power option for your location, including AC adapters, hardwired, or batteries
Advanced Sanitizing Soap Cleansing

Advanced Sanitizing Soap Cleansing

Utilizes PURELL® REDIFOAM™ in partnership with Sloan

  • Foam is created at the point of dispensing, so the system doesn't lose its prime, providing the perfect foam every time even during diminished occupancy
  • Our easy fill soap dispenser works in tandem with the 2000mL refill for PURELL® REDIFOAM™ Healthy Soap formula that eliminates the risk of the dispenser clogging
  • REDIFOAM soap formula keeps soap from clogging in the soap pathway, ensuring customers get a full dispense of soap
  • Refills can be purchased through Sloan (ESD-347) or GOJO (8672-04) distribution

Get on Top of Soap Dispenser Maintenance

The ESD-360 Top-fill Soap Dispenser is a one-stop solution for effective soap dispensing and upkeep.

Sloan® Deck-Mounted Top-fill Foam Soap Dispenser

Sloan® Soap

Parts and Accessories

Top-fill Hardwired Kit (2 pack)

Top-fill AC Adapter Plug

Top-fill Battery Pack

Contact a Sloan representative for more information on our top-fill soap dispensing products

Learn how the ESD-360 Top-fill Soap Dispenser can ease restroom maintenance.

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