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Hardware Specifications:

  • Desktop computer, i7 processor, minimum 256 GB hard drive, minimum 16 GB RAM, graphics card, minimum 2 USB ports
  • 17” touch screen color monitor, minimum 1024 x 768 resolution, Full size keyboard, mouse
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • MCR-282 Echelon USB connector, Velcro strip

Software Features:

  • User settings and management
  • Facility, area, floor and room block style views
  • Fixture images for toilet, sink, combo, shower
  • Color indication of fixture status including violation, disabled, maintenance, no neuron ID
  • Device management of toilet flush valves, sinks, showers
  • Remote device/fixture activation, enable and disable capabilities
  • Edit fixture parameters and time settings

System Configuration:

  • Alerts for usage violations
  • Communication failure, disabled, maintenance alerts, reports, alert logs
  • Built-in help screens and menu
  • PWT software license, Echelon license