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  • Program set to 2 activations in 5 minutes with lockout
  • Program is field changeable to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute lockout times, or dorm setting
  • Can be used with stainless-steel water closet fixtures from Acorn®, Bradley®, Metcraft® and other manufacturers
  • PERMEX® Synthetic Rubber Diaphragm with Dual Filtered Fixed Bypass
  • Single Flush
  • Solenoid operated
  • Includes touch button
  • Stainless steel, vandal proof button, chemical resistant push-button operation designed with non-hold-open feature to keep fixture from surpassing intended water consumption
  • Connector cable has white arrows for easy alignment
  • Battery powered
  • Four (4) Size AA Battery Power source
  • Low Battery flashing LED
  • Valve shall be in compliance to the applicable sections of ASSE 1037

Retrofit kit for Manual flushometers:

  • Royal 603
  • Royal 611
  • Royal 613

Retrofit kit for Hydraulic flushometers:

  • Royal 9603
  • Royal 9611
  • Royal 9613
  • Fixture Type: Water Closet