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Dondequiera que la gente se reúna para comercio y entretenimiento, los productos Sloan son una función repetida en estilo, durabilidad y ahorro.

Products Shown

Porcelana Muro Salpicadero Lavabo

Optima® Cableado-Energizado Cubierta-Montado Bajo Base Integrada Cuerpo Llave

SOLIS® Expuesta Sensor Mingitorio Fluxómetro

Porcelana En Cascada Mingitorio


Sloan® XLERATOR® Sensor-Operado Muro Secador de Manos

Optima® Baterías-Energizado Cubierta-Montado Medio Cuerpo Llave

Regal® Expuesta Manual Mingitorio Fluxómetro


Sloan proudly offers online continuing education courses at your convenience.

CEU Restroom of the Future

The Restroom of the Future: Designing Connected, User-Friendly, and Sustainable Commercial Restrooms

This course examines the technological advancements, sustainable features, and design trends in the commercial restroom brought about by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), sustainability initiatives, and forward-things...

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Are you a visual learner? Use our colorful infographics to learn more about the data and information surrounding our industry.

How You Can Help Keep the Great Lakes Great

The Great Lakes are a resource unlike anything else in the world. Let's do everything we can to keep them healthy for generations to come.

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