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Sloan Extends Custom Design Offering with New Graphite Finish

Franklin Park, IL —

Julio 16, 2019

Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has added a new graphite physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish to its existing lineup of aesthetic special finishes for any commercial restroom environment.

As the only commercial restroom manufacturer to offer a graphite PVD finish, Sloan created a new custom finish which provides a unique, high-contrast palette across a range of products, including a wide selection of flushometers, faucets and soap dispensers.

“The commercial restroom is one of the most visited spaces in any building and should leave a positive lasting impression on its users,” said Sloan faucet product line manager, Andrew Warnes. “Not only does Sloan’s new graphite finish set the tone for modern specification, it adds to our existing options designed to help elevate the quality of restroom aesthetics and make a cohesive design vision a reality.”

In addition to Sloan’s graphite finish, other custom finish options include:

  • Brushed Nickel – Ideal for any high-traffic environment, brushed nickel brings an element of comfort to any commercial restroom and does not show fingerprints or watermarks.
  • Brushed Stainless – Much like the brushed nickel option, brushed stainless hides most fingerprints and watermarks to deliver a classic restroom experience.
  • Polished Brass – A luxurious option, the touch of gold within the polished brass aesthetic caters to high-design projects.

These special finish options serve as supplementary options to Sloan’s standard polished chrome aesthetic that is featured in commercial restrooms across the world. Sloan’s standard finish delivers a bright aesthetic conducive to a sleek and clean commercial restroom and serves as a practical solution for any project.

BASYS® faucets in Sloan’s polished chrome finish or PVD custom finishes can be customized even further with new laser-etched engravings to add a unique branding element to commercial restrooms.

Sloan’s proprietary PVD special finish process enhances its products’ resistance to chemicals and abrasion by bonding at the molecular level. This technology is an essential solution for products subject to commercial wear and tear, and this process ensures a long-lasting finish when compared to powder or immersion processes.

Visit Sloan’s website for more information and follow Sloan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for additional updates.

Sloan es el principal fabricante mundial de sistemas de plomería comercial y ha estado en operación desde 1906. Con sede en Franklin Park, Illinois, la compañía está a la vanguardia del movimiento de construcción ecológica y brinda soluciones sostenibles para cuartos de baño fabricando productos eficientes en el consumo de agua como válvulas de descarga, llaves electrónicas y sistemas de despachador de jabón, sistemas de lavabos y accesorios de porcelana para aplicaciones comerciales, industriales y mercados institucionales en todo el mundo.

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