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Our Mobile Restrooms bring clean, comfortable restrooms anywhere accessible by vehicles.

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Designed for wellness

Introducing Sloan’s fully-equipped Mobile Restrooms. We’re rolling out these deluxe facilities around the United States to help support communities affected by natural disasters, emergencies, and other catastrophic incidents like the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's Inside

Clean lines. Cleaner facilities.

Open the door to our Mobile Restrooms and redefine what you thought a portable restroom could be. We’ve combined comfortable and customizable hardware with hygienic, easy-to-maintain design so visitors walk away feeling refreshed and clean.

Configured for any user

We’ve designed our Mobile Restrooms with universal accessibility in mind. Each unit is split into men's and women's units to accommodate men and women with designated separate entries and features ADA compliant modifications.

Featured products: WETS-8009-8010 Pressure-assisted Toilet including ST-8009 Closet Bowl with ST-88010 1.28 gpf Tank, Drop-in Sink, EAF-250 Faucet, and ESD-2000 Soap Dispenser.

Water closets powered by


Featured product: Flushmate III - 503H Series, 1.28 gpf system

Environment is everything

Our Mobile Restrooms offer a welcome escape from the world outside with a relaxed indoor environment that goes just about anywhere.

Featured products: SS-3802 Drop-in Sink, EAF-250 Faucet, ESD-2000 Soap Dispenser, and WES-1000 Waterfree Urinal.

Designed for efficiency

All Mobile Restroom units are outfitted with energy-saving technology and sanitizable surfaces that make long-term usage and maintenance easier.

Featured products: ST-8009 Pressure-assisted Closet Bowl with ST-88010 1.28 gpf Tank.

Our Space

Accomodation for all

We’ve created our Mobile Restrooms with separate men’s and women’s facilities for more safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Catholic Charities USA

At Catholic Charities, we recently found ourselves faced with losing access to a shelter serving the area’s homeless population, leaving us without adequate restrooms and handwashing facilities. In the current COVID-19 crisis, such amenities can mean the difference between community health and community outbreak.

In the midst of frantic searching for alternative resources, a colleague in Denver alerted us to an opportunity for a mobile restroom unit from Sloan, which we gratefully accepted. Sloan’s team was gracious, accommodating, kind, and quickly delivered an immaculate mobile restroom to support our most vulnerable and marginalized citizens. This, to us, is the very definition of charity and solidarity.

Joe Domko, Regional Director Larimer County

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver

Our Products

Sloan is everywhere you go

See what makes our Mobile Restrooms go.


Cerámica Piso-Montado Pressure Assisted Water Closet


Cerámica Seco Mingitorio


Cerámica Sobre Cubierta Lavabo


Optima® Baterías-Energizado Cubierta-Montado Medio Cuerpo Llave


Sloan® Deck-Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser

Our Mission

Supporting communities in need

When disaster strikes, we’re there to help.

Firefighters deserve a safe, clean retreat when battling wildfires.

Assisting the National Guard so they can perform optimally.

When FEMA is deployed, our Mobile Restrooms are right behind.

A hygienic space for doctors and health care heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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