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Dawsonville, GA

Atlanta Motorsports Park

The first—and likely only—green racetrack in the world upholds its commitment to sustainability with Sloan water- and energy-efficient plumbing.
The Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is located in a region with a storied history of car racing and diehard fans. Yet the Atlanta area is also known for being short on fresh water: Long spells of drought conditions, combined with population growth, mean businesses need to take steps to reduce water consumption.

Taking seriously its responsibility to use local resources wisely, AMP was designed and built as not only the first sustainable commercial industrial development in the U.S., but the first green racetrack in the world.

"Just because I like to race cars doesn’t mean I like to pollute,” says CEO Jeremy Porter, who may be as proud of being a good environmental steward as he is of offering car, kart and motorcycle racing to corporations and consumers. “We’re trying to set a higher standard. If a motorsports park, which is not considered a very green business, can be green, what’s everyone else’s excuse in America? It’s time for a change.”

From the ground up, AMP exemplifies that green point of view: About 30% of the tracks’ asphalt is recycled, and the facilities were made from regionally extracted, processed and manufactured materials. Solar energy powers fans, lights and cameras. And water- and energy-efficient Sloan plumbing has been installed in the clubhouse restrooms.

Sloan made an impression on Porter from the start. “Sloan is the real deal. They’re not making products that appeal to the sustainable market only,” he says, referring to the fact that the green Sloan products also meet facilities’ high performance requirements.

For the clubhouse public restrooms, Sloan supplied wall-hung lavatories and vitreous china water closet fixtures, as well as water- and energy-efficient sensor-activated plumbing systems: solar-powered SOLIS® 0.5 gpm faucets, SOLIS dual-flush flushometers, soap dispensing systems and XLERATOR® hand dryers. Water used for flushing the toilets is pulled from an onsite well. In addition, AMP uses Waterfree Urinals in all men’s restrooms.

All buildings on the property must meet AMP’s green standards, including garages that members can rent to store their cars and karts. About 110 club members have built out the garages that they lease; all of those who have included restrooms in their properties have installed Sloan products.

The only restroom on the premises that doesn’t use a Sloan toilet is in the temporary sales office. “That toilet has broken down four or five times,” says Porter.