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SC Argus™ Pro

Connect your facility to the future.

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Introducing Sloan SC Argus™ Pro, a fluid way to manage your facility.

Sloan SC Argus Pro monitor and maintain

Monitor and maintain products remotely

With SC Argus Pro, you'll be able to keep your entire suite of products operational with less downtime. Your data is readily available anywhere there’s an internet connection so you’ll know the optimal time to perform preventative maintenance without having to walk into each restroom.

 reduce water usage

Reduce water usage and improve sustainability

SC Argus Pro lets you customize reports and optimize potential for rebates by providing data about specific event time frames, sub-metering usage for LEED points, and reclaimed water usage for rebates.

Sloan SC Argus Pro create a healthier, more hygienic environment

Create a healthier, more hygienic environment

Get the complete picture of your facility's hygiene by understanding faucet-to-flushometer activation ratios and average handwashing time. Remotely flush lines to minimize the risk of stagnant water, odor, and microbial growth for a healthier, more hygienic restroom.

The system at a glance

The SC Argus Pro suite consists of smart products, data bridges, and the cloud-based SC Argus Pro software.

Sloan IOT Smart Products

Smart Products

Sloan connected products send performance data to the bridge through secure wireless protocols.

Sloan IOT Data Bridge

Data Bridge

The bridge collects connected product data and securely sends it to the cloud-based server.

Sloan IOT Cloud Based Software

Cloud-based software

The system turns collected data into insights viewed through a web browser.

A comprehensive approach to security

At Sloan, we care deeply about security which is why we've built SC Argus Pro to employ the best practices for end-to-end customer data security.

Secure data from fixture to cloud

Every communication features encryption between the cloud server and the fixture. We use SOC II compliant Microsoft® Azure platforms—one of the highest security standards—ensuring your data is transmitted and stored securely.

Managed user access

For security, adding users is by invitation only. Every user's account information is password protected, and we provide user categories for feature access. Only approved administrators can invite new users, audit activity, manage products, and set account expiration timeframes.

Communication options

Communication options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE Cellular, with support for Power over Ethernet. The secure Cellular LTE option protects your restroom Internet of Things (IoT) network by separating it from your data network and firewall.

Three-tiered user roles

SC Argus Pro offers granular permissions to set up different accounts for account administrators, facility managers, and installers. The people who maintain your facility get all the information they need and nothing they don’t.

Features to run any facility

Understand the overall status of your facility with vital metrics like water usage, battery life, and alarms.

Sloan SC Argus Pro dashboard


  • Get a quick view of activity across your facility.
  • Customize the names, abbreviations, and views for each room.
  • Identify restroom status through the color-coded room indicators.
  • Swiftly assess the health of your system through recent alarm activity.
  • Identify activity patterns and changes in water usage.
  • Clean dashboard layout for easy user experience.


  • Remotely monitor and manage devices.
  • Quickly see your product information, condition, and battery level.
  • View total activations to know when to schedule maintenance.
  • Use notes to document product location and maintenance activity.
  • Change settings and implement line flush to clear stagnant water.
  • Run diagnostics to obtain product status information in real time.
  • Identify which parts are needed for repair and maintenance with built-in product documentation.
Sloan SC Argus Pro devices
Sloan SC Argus Pro alarms


  • Get a quick view of the health of your system through alarm activity including device reported errors, low communication signal strength, and device low battery.
  • See product alerts that keep you ahead of preventative maintenance.
  • Save time and labor by knowing what parts and tools you need for the job.
  • See the time alarms happen, when these alarms are acknowledged, and the time it takes to resolve them.
  • Get email or text notifications when alerts occur.


  • Create custom water usage reports by location, product type, and time frame.
  • Get insights into hand washing habits to better understand facility health and hygiene.
  • See all devices installed and know what to specify for future renovations.
  • Customize toilet and urinal reports to show reclaimed water usage to qualify for rebates.
  • Get LEED points for sub-metering.
  • Export report data in seconds.
Sloan SC Argus Pro reporting

Connect a wide range of Sloan products to SC Argus Pro—including existing fixtures.

Sloan SC Argus Pro smart flushometers

Smart Flushometers

Choose from our lines of energy-efficient, sustainable flushometers like the SOLIS® line. Also available: SOLIS Smart RESS kits.

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Sloan SC Argus Pro smart faucets

Smart Faucets

Connect with Sloan's high-traffic faucets, including our ETF series. Also available: Optima® Smart ETF Retrofit kits.

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Sloan SC Argus Pro smart bridge

Smart Bridge

Securely collects product data from multiple restrooms and delivers it to the cloud-based server. Communication options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE Cellular, with support for Power over Ethernet

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Sloan SC Argus Pro

SC Argus Pro

Our web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform connects with all of your Sloan IoT devices for easy remote access and management.

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Sloan SC Argus Pro ready to advance

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